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  1. IT SERVICES PCM2U Presentation by Paul A Cook

  2. Our History • Our team has been providing complete development and networking solutions for over 20 years. Our teams security skills ensure these disciplines are delivered to meet and exceed industry standards. • Attending regular security conferences and following online resources keeps us right up to date with the tricks and techniques hackers use in order to break into systems.

  3. Our History - continued • We have successfully completed projects varying in size from small single user systems to large multiuser client / server databases. • We offer comprehensive experience in joining disparatesystems together and exporting data from legacy systems into modern, efficient applications. And, often utilize cutting-edge tools to greatly enhance our customers' business. • Together with 'traditional' database applications, we have developed many web-based systems as well.

  4. IT Security Services • Our Penetration and Security Testing services include: • Network Security testing • We audit the network infrastructure, both internally and externally, to identify and explore any areas that may be potential to security risk. Essential for any business where customer confidential information is stored and to maintain compliance with industry and legal obligations.

  5. IT Security Services - continued • Application Security testing – Applications, whether web-based or internal systems can: • Provide a useful source of information leakage or a means to access further, internal systems. Our thorough and methodical approach to testing applications ensures that all possible security risks are identified and removed to maintain complete security.

  6. IT Security Services - continued • We review written security and user policies to ensure that they rigorously protect both the organisation and its staff from issues regarding data and systems security. • Where these policies don't currently exist, we can assist in creating,implementing and monitoring them to ensure their effectiveness over time.

  7. IT Security Services - continued • Forensics – Should an incident have occurred, our consultants can investigate the cause and effect of the issue and provide hands-on guidance through evidence preservation and remedial activities.

  8. IT Security – Services continued • Content management and Filtering... • Ingress - bad stuff (spam, virus', malware, inappropriate material etc.) • Egress - Information leakage, loss of intellectual property, personal information, sensitive data.

  9. IT Security Services - continued • Design and implementation of mobile computing and home working VPN infrastructure. • Remote administration and management of client networks. • Security infrastructure, including Firewalls, IDS / IPS and monitoring systems. • Network Management infrastructure, telemetry collection and analysis, and network audit. • Network Address management software, including DNS, DHCP and RADIUS tools. • Content management and filtering (SPAM removal, Web caching and E-Mail content management, etc.). • Design and implementation of custom network appliances.

  10. Software Skills • Microsoft Languages: • VB, VC++, VB.NET, C#, and ASP • Databases: • SQL, MS Access, MySQL, and FoxPro • Web Development: • PHP, Perl, ASP, FrontPage, Dreamweaver, Java, JavaScript, AJAX. 'Real‘ • Languages: • C, C++, various assemblers, Java, and Fortran. We actively promote Open Source solutions where appropriate and can deliver systems on either Linux or Microsoft based platforms.

  11. Custom SMS Software • We have developed custom made software that includes an SMPP SMS server which runs under Linux, and this can communicate with devices via the SMS protocol. • This gives us the ability to provide cheaper SMS communications than any current provider worldwide.

  12. Other Services • Wi-Fi Scanning (Security Testing) • Satellite Broadband Services • Networking (Point to Point) Wi Fi Installations

  13. Other Services • SIA Security Guard Training. • Deployment of protective barriers to counter any vehicle based attacks on any installations. • Close Protection Training and Close Protection services if required.

  14. Other Services • Environmental Mapping Device Development, handheld radar and sonar systems for use in outside and remote areas. • GPRS and SMS tracking.

  15. Our Team. • Some of our high level IT security staff have UK Government clearance and have worked on MOD and British Government Security Projects. Company contact: Paul Cook