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Overseas Consultants In India PowerPoint Presentation
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Overseas Consultants In India

Overseas Consultants In India

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Overseas Consultants In India

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  1. MBBS in India vs MBBS Abroad

  2. MBBS in India vs MBBS Abroad Becoming a Doctor has always been a dream profession for a large number of students. In a country with huge population more and more doctors are and will be required. Government colleges have strived hard to meet this demand. Very few private colleges have come up across the country to address this growing demand. Presently Indian students have started exploring MBBS options outside India. They are applying for MBBS in universities across Europe, America and South Asia. Popular destinations are RUSSIA, UKRAINE, PHILIPPINS and CHINA. Students take advantage of the easy admission criteria’s and low cost of studies, for a great career in future.

  3. Comparison MBBS in India vs MBBS Abroad MBBS in India MBBS Abroad û Entrance test Donation MCI test Tuition fee Univ. Ranking USMLE eligible ü û ü ü ü 6-7 l p.a. 2.8-3.5 l p.a. û ü After MBBS 4th year of MBBS

  4. MBBS in India vs MBBS Abroad Study abroad consultant Aliff Overseas has helped aspiring medical students in securing admissions in international medical colleges. They pride of providing Study Abroad @ Indian Cost®, to their students. Over the years Aliff has successfully placed students in medical colleges with fee at par with Indian colleges. Aliff has put together all important study abroad information for students to refer at