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7 th Grade English Opener#1 8/31/11 PowerPoint Presentation
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7 th Grade English Opener#1 8/31/11

7 th Grade English Opener#1 8/31/11

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7 th Grade English Opener#1 8/31/11

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  1. 7th Grade English Opener#1 8/31/11 In your writing journal, please answer the following question. You may use a list format. List all the places you read this summer. Be as specific as possible.

  2. Where I read this summer: • By the pool at my parent’s house • Botanical Gardens in GG Park • Hammock at Joe & Wendy’s • Airplane to NH/Airplane to SF • On BART • At the nail salon • In the lobby of the hotel on the North Shore. • In the car • On my chaise

  3. What You Need for Class • writer’s journal • free-choice book • pen and pencil • homework • vocabulary sheets • in-class reading materials

  4. Class Website All pertinent information for this course can be found on my school blog.

  5. What We Do The components of the 6th grade English curriculum are as follows: • A daily opener activity - this is how we begin each class. A task with be projected on the SmartBoardfor you to do. Come in, sit down, and get to work! • Vocabulary – each week you will be responsible for a group of vocabulary words. A weekly quiz will be given.

  6. 3. Readers’ Response Letters – a monthly letter about the free-choice book(s) you are reading. You are expected to always be reading outside of class. Please bring you current book with you to class. Some days we will have time to read our choice books together or share what we reading. 4. Writers’ Workshop – we take a systematic approach to the craft of writing. Period progress checks of writing, teacher conferences, and peer collaboration will take place. A few times a semester you will submit a final piece for review.

  7. 5. Language study/grammar – we study the structures of language to make us better writers and readers. 6. Projects – periodically you will be asked to show what you know through a project. Projects give you an opportunity to use your English skills and combine them with other forms of art or media.

  8. Grading Weights: • 25% Readers’ Workshop • 25% Homework/Classwork • (vocab, grammar, daily openers, etc) • 50% Writers’ Workshop & Projects

  9. Sample Response: Though I can read just about anywhere, my favorite spot to curl up with a good book is the chaise in my living room. This is not a spot I came upon by chance. Oh no, I take my reading far too seriously to leave these things to happenstance. Every inch of my reading nook is carefully curated for ultimate reading enjoyment. The chaise itself is worn black leather. I know there are those who object to leather furniture, but to me there is something deliciously library about it. Beside the chaise is a small table perfect for holding a nice cup of tea and, if one is feeling decadent, a homemade chocolate chip cookie or two. I often feel decadent. The corner of the chaise is draped with a thick charcoal afghan that I am proud to say I kitted myself. If there is the slightest chill in the air I take the afghan and wrap myself like an awkwardly shaped present. Well cocooned, I lean back against the deep purple, velvet pillow and open my book with a contented sigh.

  10. Homework: Take list you brainstormed in class and write a short descriptive piece that focuses on one of these spots and the advantages and/or disadvantages on reading there. This is a first draft and I am looking for 1-2 solid paragraphs.