making use of feedback data in working n.
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Employee Feedback app

Employee Feedback app

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Employee Feedback app

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  1. Making use of Feedback Data in Working Organisations A lot of companies have a habit of not taking negative or positive feedback about their organisation to its full advantage: inconvenient truths about the structure or culture of the workplace can get brushed under the carpet when it’s needed to keep the company’s employees happy and the customers satisfied. So when a company gathers feedback data, it’s important to analyse it through an unbiased lens. Data comes in all shapes and sizes: personal anecdotes such as customer and employee feedback, while systemic and mechanical feedback can help show long-term trends and provide a gist of what’s going on, but it’ll never provide the full picture. Sticking to the charts and graphs can harm your company if you don’t look for details: sure, productivity among your employees is high, but why is it high? Are they happy and coordinated, or stressed out and ready to walk out? Taking into account the views of your employees is paramount to maintain- ing a healthy work attitude. Once you have your feedback from both employees and background systems/- mechanics, it’s time to collate this data and make it readable. The human experi- ences of your staff and customers can help you understand where the company

  2. is doing well or poorly: it could be something as simple as better office chairs for your employees, or a small modification to your products to boost satisfaction into some tangible extra effort from your employees and greater loyalty from your customers. At Soft Intelligence, we are passionate about gathering customer feedback and soft intelligence from your clients and customers, transforming it into straightfor- ward and accurate data that turns the hassle of feedback processing into a breeze. Take a look at our consumer mobile apps (Ask Dan) and see if your compa- ny would benefit from them. for more information please visit us at http:/ /