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Robotic Cleaners

Robotic Cleaners

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Robotic Cleaners

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  1. Robotic Cleaners The Next Generation Save Time | Save energy | Save water | Save chemicals | Reduce maintenance

  2. Nitro Robotic Cleaner Overview • Cleans pools up to 6m x 12m x 2.4m deep • Large capacity fine filtration washable filter bag • 2 hour automatic shutoff • Large vacuum ports • Wide cleaning footprint • 15m Kink-resistant cable • 3.85 kg Lightweight and easy to lift • 1 year warranty

  3. The Next Generation Nitro Robotic Pool Cleaners represents the next generation of pool cleaners. Independent to your pool’s pump and filtration system, Nitro Robotic Pool Cleaners is self-driven by its own internal motors. No installation, hoses or additional equipment is required, just turn it on and it will vacuum the entire pool floor within 2 hours.

  4. The Next Generation Self-driven by its own internal motors. The cleaner’s drive motor moves the cleaner around the pool, while the cleaner’s pump motor spins the water at a high velocity effectively vacuuming the pool floor as well as filtering the pool water. The pool water is expelled via the top of the filter providing excellent pool water circulation. Note: Expelling water through the top of the cleaner minimises turbulence of debris on the pool floor.

  5. Unburdens the pool skimmer The pool skimmer is left free to skim the top of the pool. Without any restrictions on the pool skimmer, the pool turnover is also increased. Increased skimmer basket capacity, as it is only capturing debris from the pool’s surface.

  6. Unburden the pool filter & save water Replicating the pool’s filtration system, Nitro cleaners vacuum in water, dirt and debris via an internal pump and filters the water via an internal filtration system. Nitro Pool Cleaners micro filters the pool water reducing filter maintenance and reducing backwashing, saving water.

  7. Robotic Cleaners vs Suction Cleaners A suction cleaner restricts a pool’s flow and circulation and can increases the pool’s system curve by 20kPa / 20m head. An increased pool system curve of 20kPa/ 20m head results in an average decrease in flow rate of over 70 litres per minute, reducing your pool’s turnover, impacting pool water quality. Without the extra head required to power a pool cleaner, a smaller pump can be selected for the sole purpose of circulating the pool water.

  8. Save Energy vs a Pressure Cleaner Its water-cooled pump motor represents the latest in green technology. Nitro pool cleaners operate on only 80 watts of power, reducing energy consumption by over 90% in comparison to pressure pool cleaners. A pressure cleaner pump requires 1200 watts of energy, whereas the Nitro Robotic cleaner only requires 80 watts. .

  9. Cost Effective vs a Pressure Cleaner Pressure cleaner + pressure pump has a RRP of approximately 2200 A Nitro Robnotic Cleaner has a RRP of 1353

  10. Large ports & wide cleaning Two large vacuum intake ports are placed directly behind its cleaning brush, enabling the vacuuming of large leaves and debris Its vacuum intake ports are strategically located on its outer corners enabling an extra wide cleaning swath for 50% faster cleaning coverage.

  11. Intelligent Navigation Its inbuilt navigation system prevents the cleaner from getting caught in any obstacles. Nitro robotic cleaner does not require hitting walls to change direction. Plus its intelligent programming sends the cleaner in a different direction every time, improving surface coverage and reducing cleaning time.

  12. Easy Maintenance Quick-drain system allows water to rapidly flow back into the pool, immediately lightening the cleaner for quick and easy removal from the pool water. Its large filter bag is designed to maximise capacity and filters down to the finest debris plus it features a patented, easy-on, easy-off feature. Optional caddy for convenient storage and transport

  13. Suitable for all pools All terrain wheels plus Gel-pro brushes Nitro pool cleaners are gentle enough for vinyl liners, yet rugged enough to clean the dirtiest concrete and fiberglass pools. Clean any shape pool

  14. The Ultimate Enviro Pool Setup Combining a Nitro Robotic cleaner with an energy efficient pump sized to only circulate the pool water, plus a MultiCyclone with a large cartridge filter, results in an environmentally friendly pool setup.

  15. Technical Specifications

  16. Nitro Robotic Cleaner Range

  17. Spare parts