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Unit 2 How do you spend your day? Assignment

Unit 2 How do you spend your day? Assignment. Part (A) Match the words in Columns A and B. fashion. designer. company. company. director. computer. security. guard. disc. fashion. tour. guide. security. disc. jockey. tour.

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Unit 2 How do you spend your day? Assignment

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  1. Unit 2 How do you spend your day? Assignment

  2. Part (A) Match the words in Columns A and B fashion designer company company director computer security guard disc fashion tour guide security disc jockey tour computer programmer

  3. Part (B) : Rewrite the sentence with “He” 1. I am a computer programmer. I work in an office. I like computer a lot. He is a computer programmer. He works in an office. He likes computer a lot. 2. I work in a nightclub. I play music. He works in a nightclub. He plays music. 3. I am a student. I study math. He is a student. He studies math.

  4. Part (C): Add the article: An or A a a 1. He is carpenter. He works for construction company. He builds schools. a a 2. She works for travel company and arranges tours. She’s travel agent. a a a 3. He has difficult job. He’s cashier. He works in supermarket. an a 4. She’s architect. She works for large company. She builds houses. It’s interesting. job.

  5. Part D: Complete the conversation A: What__________________ your husband ____________? B: He _________________ for a department store. He is ___________ store manager. A: How ___________________ he __________________ _(like) it? B: It’s _______________ interesting job. He ____________________ (like) it very much. But he __________________ (work) long hours. And What ___________ you _________? A: I’m a student. I ______________________ (study) architecture. B: Oh, really? Where ______________ you _____________ to school? A: I __________________ to Lincoln University. My girlfriend ____________ there, too. B: Really? And what ________________ she ____________________? A: She _________________ (study) hotel management. B: That sounds interesting. does do a works like does an likes do do works study go do go goes do does studies

  6. Part (E): Complete the Questions in this Conversation A: Where do you work? B: I work for American Express. A: What do you do there? B: I am a manager. A: How do you like it? B: It’s a great job. I like it a lot.

  7. Part (F):Complete the paragraph with the words from the list around on at before early in late until ?Everyone knows Pat at the hospital. Pat is a part-time nurse. He works at night on weekends. _________________ Saturdays and Sundays, Pat sleeps most of the day and wakes up a little ___________ nine _________ the evening, usually at 8:45. He has breakfast very late, _________ 10:00. He watches TV ____________ 11:00 o’clock. And then starts work _________ midnight. _______________ in the morning, usually around 5:00, he leaves work, has a little snack, goes home, goes to bed, and sleeps ____________. It’s a perfect schedule for Pate. on before in around until at Early late

  8. Part (G):Match He goes to the university. He teaches aerobics. She serves food in a restaurant. Where does he work? She’s a waitress. She stays up late. What does he do? He’s a student. She goes to bed at midnight. He’s an aerobics teacher. He works four hours every day. He works part time.

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