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SharePoint: Cutting-Edge Collaboration

SharePoint: Cutting-Edge Collaboration. Corrs SharePoint Portfolio. Corrs International Referrals.

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SharePoint: Cutting-Edge Collaboration

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  1. SharePoint: Cutting-Edge Collaboration Corrs SharePoint Portfolio

  2. Corrs International Referrals • Our International Contacts portfolio contains listings of key International Legal Contacts with expertise in one or more key practice areas across global jurisdictions that Corrs has identified as areas of interest under our international strategy.

  3. International contact profile • The Contact profile contains a primary entity such as law firm or Company name, Country and city or town • We have incorporated professional profile linking services and this is used to expose more information for our lawyers if required. • Social networking through LinkedIn services has also been integrated for reaching out and collaborating.

  4. Corrs People Directory • Information is available in a number of generic SharePoint views including a tabular view and profiles. • Information on the My Site pages will be presented in groupings including: • Contact details • Workplace information • CV’s • Skills/expertise • Organisation structure • Interactive Floor plans • Presence and IM • Relationship mapping • Social media

  5. Corrs Precedents • The SharePoint Precedents Solution is an enterprise document workspace that manages all Precedents information at Corrs. It allows KM/Precedents team and Corrs users to view, access and contribute to certain categories of precedents. • Every Precedent will have some details of the precedent, any administrative information required and the precedent itself attached as a Word document that is stored in a library. All precedents will be grouped by category and visible to authenticated users as a Tree View navigation selection

  6. Corrs Precedents • Introduction of a tile based UI design.

  7. Corrs Precedents • The system allows authenticated users to perform a search on the details of precedent profile as well as full text search on the profile and the contents of the precedent document attachment itself. • If any Precedent is marked as Archive, it will be move to a specific view that can be accessed only by Administrators.

  8. Precedents Site Navigation

  9. Integration with other systems • Currently present Business Intelligence reports from Microsoft SQL Reporting Services (in SharePoint integration mode) • The reporting environment will be enriched through multi-level access layers, role-based individual and group sites (in development) • Use the OpenText Hummingbird API to integrate DMS functionality with SharePoint (in development)

  10. Mobility Platform • Corrs are in the process of building a mobile framework and architecture that provides staff with content rich apps and services that traverse across our key line of business applications. • SharePoint will provide the ability to interact with the mobility platform (HTML5) on firm desktops, laptops and in future client devices

  11. Mobility Platform – the vision

  12. Mobility Platform – the vision

  13. SharePoint – Cutting Edge Collaboration Stuart kay Baker & McKenzie stuart.kay@bakermckenzie.com

  14. Baker & McKenzie • 72 Offices • 45 Countries • 5400+ Partners and Lawyers • 55 Nationalities • 75 Languages

  15. Matrix Global Regional Virtual Teams Teams Business Services Local: Offices Practice Groups

  16. Objective

  17. Connect our matrix for better collaboration • Replace our relatively static intranet • With a collaborative portal • Based on SharePoint • Make it flexible and scalable • And make it good enough that people want to use it

  18. A tale of two SharePoints • SharePoint evangelists • “SharePoint can do anything!” • SharePoint skeptics • “Prove it!”

  19. Forrester on SharePoint “While 'if you build it, they will come' might work in the movies, the approach has yielded neither wide adoption of SharePoint nor satisfaction with the product. Too often, IT provides the latest and greatest SharePoint release only to watch many users turn their backs on the solution...” Dissatisfaction is centered on several areas, including adoption challenges, a dislike for the SharePoint user experience, a preference for other tools like email and skepticism over its business value. ComputerWorld, quoting Forrester, 6 Feb 2013

  20. We built it and they did come… One year after initial deployment, there was a 6,000% increase in usage over our old intranet.

  21. Two years later, we have: • About 4,000 sites • Over 750,000 content items, including over 50,000 indexed and searchable precedents and know-how documents • Over 60,000 web parts • Over 1,000 active site managers, with many more content contributors • About 80% of people use it regularly • Over 1,000,000 hits per month

  22. Defying the Odds

  23. How did we defy the odds? • Listening … skeptically! • Design … SharePoint? • Innovating … continually • Testing … iteratively • Responding Get the basics right. Be practical.

  24. Design principles • Business capability over technical possibility – cutting edge collaboration is practical! • Central governance – simplified • Local content control – simplified • Out of the box where possible • Customized where desirable

  25. Governance: Site Provisioning

  26. Our “Site Provisioning Application” (SPA) achieves 3 objectives: (1) By using a wizard, it is very easy for people to create a site using pre-defined site templates. (2) By gathering both automated and manual contextual information, it ensures that new sites are created in the right place in our site hierarchy / information architecture, which helps to maintain the intuitiveness and structural integrity of navigation, as well as improving search results. (3) By applying an automated workflow that includes approvals by the Parent Site Manager and the Global Content Support Team, duplicate sites can be eliminated, and positioning in the information architecture can be validated.

  27. Microsoft subsequently deployed a similar site provisioning feature in SP 2010 (below). We intend to retain our own Site Provisioning Application as we believe our application is more intuitive, user friendly and relevant to our environment.

  28. Simplicity:Web Part Wizard

  29. The “Web Part Wizard” (WPW) enables easy design, creation and updating of pages. SP 2007 requires multiple steps and clicks to create a backstage container and then create and position a web part on a page. The WPW combines these into a simple 1 step / 3 click process. As well as making the creation of new web parts simple, it also enables easy re-use of existing web parts, including their content.

  30. Real Life

  31. Examples Global Practice Group – virtual practice group needing to disseminate information and collaborate on client work Global Technology Project Site– the project that I will be speaking about tomorrow could not have been completed nearly as effectively without our project site, which enabled effective collaboration between people in all 72 offices Technology Training– publication of all training materials for all global systems and applications Business Services Information and Collaboration– an expertise, locator, information portal, and team collaboration space Global Pitch Tracker – the most visited page on our global intranet!

  32. SharePoint: Cutting-Edge Collaboration Meredith L. Williams, Esq., Chief Knowledge Management Officer mlwilliams@bakerdonelson.com Twitter: @mlwilliams77

  33. Baker Donelson KM Iniatitives

  34. Baker Donelson • Single Collaboration Farm with Individual Client Collections • App Driven Interface

  35. Single Collaboration Farm • Decision made to create a single source environment for internal and external views. • Priorities • Mobility for Internal Team • External Client Access Quickly • Single Publish • Individual Client Site Collections for Security

  36. Client Site Collection

  37. Matter Site

  38. Practice Area

  39. App Driven Interface • Throwing out the standard SharePoint interface and focusing on apps for usability. • Primary Goals • Functionally Driven • Personal/ Role Based Experience • Mobility Focused • Unified Collaboration System • Secondary Goals • Social • Search

  40. Purpose-Driven Content + Function

  41. Project Steps • Conceptual requirements • Current state analysis • Business requirements • Card sorting • Wireframing • Functional requirements • Implementation

  42. The dumbest mistake is viewing design as something you do at the end of the process to ‘tidy up’ the mess, as opposed to understanding it’s a ‘day one’ issue and part of everything. Tom Peters

  43. Wireframe: Attorneys

  44. Wireframe: Staff

  45. Home Page: Attorneys

  46. Home Page: Staff

  47. Baker App Store

  48. Mobile View

  49. Mobile View

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