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Over surveilled, yet misunderstood PowerPoint Presentation
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Over surveilled, yet misunderstood

Over surveilled, yet misunderstood

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Over surveilled, yet misunderstood

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    1. Over surveilled, yet misunderstood Measuring What Matters to Children in Care

    2. nef (new economics foundation)

    3. Why Measuring What Matters There are too many rules - sometimes it feels like life is run by policies and procedures. It feels like being in care is pushed in your face all the time you are constantly reminded that you live in a care home (Young person in care) Measuring What Matters grew out of a desire to promote decision making that is participative, responsive and focused on bringing about a more just and sustainable society

    4. Social Return on Investment SROI seeks ways to make the invisible value of things essential to our well being visible and measurable. It: Involves key stakeholder Measures what is important, rather than easy to measure e.g. well-being Integrates service delivery and research & evaluation functions Takes a view on what would have happened anyway

    5. Critique of Existing Measures Measure the right things Use the measures for the right purposes Measure with people Measure assets and strengths, as well as needs an deficits Gather the right level and types of information Measure the difference made

    8. Emerging Findings Value generated by smaller, niche providers Institutionalised negativity within care system What a new measurement system and set of indicators might look like Potential for SROI to aid decision-making in this area

    9. What the research will come up with A critique of existing measures A clearer idea of the outcomes that matter for children in care, and a new set of indicators that reflect this Estimates of the full economic and social costs and benefits of different models of care Series of tools/training for providers outcomes star and diagnostic tool for measuring child-centredness

    10. Next Steps Publication completed late 2007 Launch & dissemination January 2008 Tools for measuring what matters published separately

    11. They wanted to move me to London just before my GCSEs and they had to fight hard to keep me here. They do this because of money they see you as money. I ended up doing well in my GCSEs but might as easily not have. Staff are not in it for cash but a lot of the system is. Lots of them want to change things for the better and it is frustrating for them as well

    12. Further Information Eils Lawlor 0207 8206361 new economics foundation (nef)