driftwood a versatile material for creating stunning wall arts n.
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Driftwood Wall Art PowerPoint Presentation
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Driftwood Wall Art

Driftwood Wall Art

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Driftwood Wall Art

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  1. Driftwood – A Versatile Material for Creating Stunning Wall Arts

  2. Each piece of driftwood is naturally soothed by the ocean and adds to the organic beauty of your interior. A piece of handcrafted driftwood can transform the look of a home in a great way. Although sea glass is the main attraction, driftwood doesn’t lag far behind. Whether it’s furniture, accessories, lighting, or wall art, it is a sure way to create coastal style living space that is always welcoming. A piece of flat driftwood can be easily turned into an art of your choice. For example, small driftwood pieces can be combined with a flat piece to create a wall hanging candle stand. Sculptural lights could be designed to decorate the interior of a beach house. Even though it is weathered and discarded by the ocean, its value can be judged after creating a stunning driftwood wall art. Even, small pieces of wood can be assembled to create a round shaped sculpture that can be hung on the wall. Home accents: Driftwood can be used while revamping a mirror, a chalkboard frame and wind chime. A lamp can also be created using driftwood pieces. This lamp can be hung on a wall, or it can be arranged on a coffee table/shelf/dining table.

  3. Creating nautical lighting: Today, most of the designers focus on creating high quality and coastal style lighting to complement your beach house. If you want to have a historic beach house feel, you can get some of the rustic lamp designs long with rustic candle pendants, sea shell chandeliers and coral shell lamps that really look stunning at night. Wall mirror: Mirror designed from driftwood really revamps the interior of a beach house. It delivers a natural look and looks stunning with any shape and size. One can order custom shape and size of mirror that can be used as a driftwood wall art in coastal houses. Whether it’s a rectangular shape, square shape or round shape like a sunburst, they will serve a family for many years.