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Reliable Electronics Equipments at Alliance Test PowerPoint Presentation
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Reliable Electronics Equipments at Alliance Test

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Reliable Electronics Equipments at Alliance Test

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Reliable Electronics Equipments at Alliance Test

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  1. Welcome to

  2. Agilent HP 8114A The 8114A 100V / 2A Pulse Generator is a high power, single output source that delivers fast, clean, positive or negative pulses at frequencies up to 15 MHz. The pulse generator protects the device under test through user-definable limits for voltage, current and duty cycle. Additionally, a TTL input allows the output to be enabled or disabled. An option is available that allows the baseline to be adjusted in the +/- 25 V range.

  3. Agilent HP 81600B This Tunable Laser Source Family comprises the most versatile and high performance tunable laser sources on the market. It allows WDM developers and manufacturers to dramatically reduce test cost, and increase profits by quick return on investment.

  4. Agilent HP 86100D The DCA-X provides engineers with the tools needed to characterize their high-speed digital designs easily and accurately. The DCA-X mainframe platform allows engineers to make next-generation measurements that include integrated de-embedding capability. At the same time, the DCA-X is 100 percent backwards compatible with all previous DCA modules and completely code compatible with the 86100C.

  5. Agilent HP 86143B This is a portable Pptical Spectrum Analyzer for 50GHz applications.This unit maintains most of the higher performance characteristics of the 86142B/86145B models while providing measurement solutions at value prices.It has all the performance capabilities of its larger sibling, the 86140B, while having a smaller 12.8" x 16.8" footprint and weighing 31lbs.This unit is ideal for both field and factory use, particularly in high level system installation or situations where space is limited.

  6. Contact Us:- Alliance Test Equipment, Inc. 35 Pearl Street Webster, Massachusetts 01570, USA Tel: 508-671-9970 Fax: 505-671-9960 Email: Website: