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Prerequisite Programme Training Guide PowerPoint Presentation
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Prerequisite Programme Training Guide

Prerequisite Programme Training Guide

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Prerequisite Programme Training Guide

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  1. Prerequisite Programme Training Guide

  2. Prerequisite programmes Prerequisite Programmes ISO 22000 requires that effective control measures should be in place to reduce the risk of contamination of the food: • management of purchased materials (e.g. raw materials, ingredients, chemicals and packaging), supplies (e.g. water, air, steam and ice), disposals (e.g. waste and sewage) and handling of products (e.g. storage and transportation) • measures for the prevention of cross contamination • cleaning and sanitizing • pest control • personnel hygiene • other prerequisites as appropriate.

  3. Operational Prerequisite programme example Operational Prerequisite Programme – Pest control So the detail of all control measures is documented in the Pest Control Operational PRP including: • The food hazard controlled by the control measure • The monitoring procedures including parameters, frequencies and records that demonstrate the Operational PRP is working • The corrections and corrective action to be taken if monitoring show that the control measure is not compliant • Responsibility and authority for each Operational PRP • Verification activities and records

  4. Food Safety HACCP & Prerequisites

  5. Review So were you paying attention? Which is the most appropriate definition of a prerequisite? Click on your answer. A prerequisite is a condition that is put in place to control significant hazards A prerequisite is something that is required or necessary as a prior condition Prerequisites are usually validated All of the above

  6. That’s the end of this training package Thank you for attending

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  8. Correct A prerequisite is something that is required or necessary as a prior condition. Prerequisite programmes create base conditions for the hygienic production of food. Significant Hazards are controlled by Operational Prerequisite Programmes. Normally only Operational Prerequisite Programmes are validated. Click here to continue