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The Fantastic Orangutans PowerPoint Presentation
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The Fantastic Orangutans

The Fantastic Orangutans

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The Fantastic Orangutans

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  1. The Fantastic Orangutans By Morgan

  2. Introduction A really cool thing about an orangutan is that over 50% of their diet is fruit. Orangutans are really cute mammals. Did you know humans are destroying their habitat? They are really fun to learn about. I studied their adaptations, their childhood and what they eat. Come on lets get started!

  3. Childhood Right now I’m going to tell you about an orangutans childhood. Baby orangutans stay with their mothers for a long time. But adult males don’t raise their young at all. And they only have one baby at a time. Also their born alive.

  4. Food I’m finally going to tell you what they eat. They eat lots of different foods. They are omnivores. They eat insects and sometimes orangutans even eat tree bark and fungus. I find it cool that orangutans eat with their hands.

  5. Adaptations To end with, I’m going to tell you an orangutans adaptations. An orangutan has really long arms so they can climb. And they live in a tropical rain forest 20 to 100 feet off the ground so the tiger could not reach it. Also they camouflage by their orange fur. When light hits on an object some of it is absorbed and some of it reflects.

  6. Conclusion I hope you liked learning all about orangutans because I had fun learning about them too. I wish I can see one in person one day.

  7. References Orly The Orangutan By Jon Resnick