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…coming soon…. Justification. Validity of Plan. Foreword . Size of eco-town Study area: 243km 2 (District SPS ) Planning area: 6717acre ( Mukim 13, Batu Kawan ) Demand of land and population: Density of eco town: 9.4 unit/ acre ( TianJin eco-city) Proposed density: 8.9 unit/ acre

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  1. …coming soon…

  2. Justification Validity of Plan

  3. Foreword • Size of eco-town • Study area: 243km2 (District SPS) • Planning area: 6717acre (Mukim 13, BatuKawan) • Demand of land and population: • Density of eco town: 9.4 unit/ acre (TianJin eco-city) • Proposed density: 8.9 unit/ acre • Target Population: 300,000 people • Proposed unit of housing: 60,000 unit (total)

  4. Site Topography

  5. Development Direction Direction of Future Development:

  6. The Connection- Elements Connection of Elements

  7. Development Vs. Benefit • Social – interaction – environment setting, housing design …compact, vibrant, neighborhood, mix use • Economy – self-sustain agriculture, High-tech, K-economy • Environment – biodiversity and ecology enhancement, connecting people to nature

  8. Mapping Idea implementation

  9. Concept Plan

  10. Concept Plan

  11. Facilities Master Plan Industry Commercial Legend: River Residential Transportation Hub Existing Housing Hill Land Open Space/Park Sensitive Area/Mangrove

  12. Sensitive Area

  13. ExistingHousing

  14. ExistingAgriculture

  15. ExistingNetwork System

  16. Proposed New Housing

  17. Proposed Public Service Facilities

  18. Proposed Industry

  19. Proposed R&D

  20. Proposed Open Area

  21. Proposed New Network System

  22. Proposed Master Plan Facilities Industry Commercial Legend: River Residential Transportation Hub Existing Housing Hill Land Open Space/Park Sensitive Area/Mangrove

  23. Honey Comb Housing Detail Layout

  24. Features What is so special with Eco-Smart?

  25. 1. Environment • Environment as whole development concern- conservation, density control, connection btw nature and human well-being • Act together with nature- development with a balance of nature • Enhance of biodiversity- restoration of mangrove, river cleaning project, reforestation- saving destroying life support system

  26. Open space in village setting at Los Angeles

  27. Westbourne Green Open Space University of Pennsylvania New York Central Park

  28. Urban greenery- landscape, vertical and rooftop greenery • Recreation- pocket garden, community garden • Green Open Space- public space, park, plaza EdificioConsorcio, Santiago, Chile Community garden and organic plantation

  29. 2. Mix Use • Main- all in one- compact and high density • Housing- tower block- insists of home, working place and local provisional shops • Working place- Soho • Commercial activity- local business service and trading Street in Penang

  30. Green open space • Community garden + local agriculture • Urban greenery and landscape- vertical and roof top garden • Infrastructure and facilities – school, health care center, police station

  31. 2. Economy • Agriculture – • Not economic competitive in Penang (LQ<1.00) • Preserve existing • As source of food production for local used, in sustainable economic context

  32. Commercial activity • local commercial center • local provisional shops

  33. Industry – high-tech manufacturing • LQ > 1.0 • Manufacturing is basic sector employment in Penang. • This industry exports many of its good to non-local markets • Of the 226100 manufacturing jobs in Penang, 15% are basic sector jobs • Green Manufacturing

  34. Energy Performance • Electricity management with Smart Grid technology • Water management system

  35. Electricity management with Smart Grid technology • A smart grid is an electricity network operates with digital and other technologies to monitor and manage the system of electricity • To reduce peak demand, but also provide system flexibility and enable the variable of generation technologies Source: David Elzinga (2011), Technologies Roadmap: Smart Grids

  36. Water management system System management of grey water in the building • Used waste water from bathing (bath, shower and basin) for reuse purpose to reduce water demand

  37. Applying rain water harvesting system in building and household • Surface water from roofs or hard surface • To achieve sustainable water resources and recover stormwaterrunoff • The design of building and landscape to maximize of catchment area • Rainwater collected in household can use as outdoor water use include car washing and garden irrigation

  38. Public services facility Community-centered school • schools are small in size and not huge facility provided • locate near to residential area to encourage the children walking to school within 10minutes walking (or maximum 800 meters) • To encourage community to involve in school facility planning, provide high-quality education, increase safety for children to walk or bike to and the school facility can as community use after school hours Source: Barbara & Constance, 2003, Journal of Smart Build

  39. Health care services • As existing area only has clinic BatuKawan, the heath care center will provided to support the projection population • Heath center is located within 0.8km to 1.6km or equal to 5-10 minutes travel distance • easy access to public transport facility and town central as well as integrate with adjoining area

  40. Social

  41. Transportation • Trolley buses - Fast and convenient: 10 minutes interval through the day. 15 minutes at night. • Environment friendly: energy efficient of the zero-emission buses. • Efficient: all are double articulated and capacity of maximum number of passengers • Walkable • Design based on human scale, it take about 4-8 minutes walk around 400m to 600m. • Encourage TOD and cycling.

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