mongolian adventure tours experience to cherish n.
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Mongolian Adventure Tours: Experience To Cherish Forever! PowerPoint Presentation
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Mongolian Adventure Tours: Experience To Cherish Forever!

Mongolian Adventure Tours: Experience To Cherish Forever!

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Mongolian Adventure Tours: Experience To Cherish Forever!

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  1. Mongolian Adventure Tours: Experience To Cherish Forever! Mongolian Adventure Tours: Experience To Cherish Forever! Mongolia is located in the heart of central Asia. Thanks to its natural surroundings, it is truly one of the world's great adventure travel destinations. Here you can see the perfect juxtaposition of incredibly diverse and sweeping landscapes and also unbelievably friendly and accommodating people. It is a country that will never cease to surprise you. If you wish to explore this great destination as well then we at AltaiExpeditions have the perfect tour planned for you. Read on, as in this post I will be talking about three of the great things that you can do during your trip in Mongolia. So, let’s get started. Alt Tag: Mongolian Adventure Tours Mongolian Adventure Tours: Experience to Cherish Forever! This trip is perhaps the best chance to explore all the great adventure activities you can do in Mongolia. Below, I have listed a few of them for your convenience. ●Explore Ulaanbaatar: This is one of the most significant places in Mongolia. With a population of no less than 1.5 million, this is home to nearly half the entire population of Mongolia. It also serves as a great place as a base camp for visiting travelers. It will offer you plenty of beautiful places to visit and also some good restaurants and clubs as well. Most of the visitors to Mongolia arrive via plane or train in "UB" as it is colloquially known. This will give you the perfect opportunity to rest for a few days before venturing out. Some of the most significant places to visit here are the National History Museum, looking at the Genghis Khan Statue Complex, and also visiting the famous Gandantegchinlen Monastery.

  2. ●Spend a night in a Ger: A ger or yurt is a traditional Mongolian dwelling. It has been used on the Central Asian steppe for thousands of years. Gers are generally larger, more durable and sturdier than tents. However, they are nevertheless still portable and relatively easy to set up. The Nomads of Mongolia have always used yurts as shelters for generations. It keeps them protected from the wind, rain, snow, and cold. This is why naturally they also make for a great place for visitors to spend the night too. This is a camping experience that you can never forget. Thanks to their popularity, you can find dozens of Ger camps throughout Mongolia. They offer you everything from a basic place to spend the night to a luxurious upscale experience. You can also find some of them near the urban locations, while others can be situated in remote, wilderness environments. ●Explore the Altai Mountains By Horseback: There can be no doubt that Mongolia is home to arguably the greatest horsemen of this planet. This is exactly why Genghis Kahn was able to build and maintain such a huge empire. So what can be better than exploring this spectacular country on horseback? Sounds interesting? Well this is exactly what you can do here. With us you can embark on such a trip where you can explore the Altai mountain range to the fullest. Our carefully curated itinerary is perfect for you. Alt Tag: The Perfect Trip of a Lifetime What Else? Now, explore the snow-capped mountains of Altai, which creates a beautiful backdrop for day- long horse rides. Although, you can just hike the route as well. So what are you waiting for? Just visit us at and explore the Mongolian adventure tours today!