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  1. Tevin Washington Megan Rittmeyer Kaitlin Bandy Cameron Russell Brent Willet Shift

  2. Chapter 9 • In this chapter, Ward and Chris have another meeting. He asks if he has come up with anything that he might have remembered since their last meeting. Chris learns that Coggans, Win’s father, believes that Chris’ might be a suspect in Win’s disappearance and his motive was the large sum of money, $19,000 in cash, that Win was carrying across the country with him. • The setting was at the college campus fitness center. • There are no new characters in this chapter. • If Chris has already told everything he knows then why is Ward still bothering him?

  3. Chapter 10 • This chapter is a flashback. It is a phone call with his mom about his visit with his grandparents. The boys stop at a grocery store to get supplies. Win claims to not have any money and has to bum off of Chris, again but when Chris is putting the grocery in Win’s back he sees a large was of cash. • The setting is a Kroger’s and at the telephone booth. • They are no new characters in this chapter • Why does he lie about the money and bum off Chris again?

  4. Chapter 11 • In this chapter, Ward continues to question Chris and asks him why he wouldn’t have asked him about the large amount of money. They discussed that maybe Win wanted to disappear and that’s why he was carrying so much money. Chris recalls all the girls that they met when he received a postcard from a “girl” named Tricksey. • The setting in this chapter is on campus • Tricksey is a new character in a way. Multiple girls across the country. • Who is Tricksey?

  5. Chapter 12 • This chapter is a flashback. The boys are riding across the mid-west. They jump off a bridge. Chris changes a flat and Win times it. They discuss their friendship along the way. • They setting is in Illinois on a bridge and on the bikes. • No new characters are introduced. • Why do the boys jump off the bridges?