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Inside Out

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Inside Out

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  1. Inside Out Family Times Daily Questions Prior Knowledge Compare and Contrast Vocabulary Prefixes Preview Guided Comprehension Author's Purpose A Short Story Independent Readers Additional Resources Random Acts of Kindness

  2. Study Skills: Genre: Realistic Fiction Vocabulary Strategy: Word Structure Comprehension Skill: Compare and Contrast Comprehension Strategy: Answer Questions Free powerpoint template:

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  5. Question of the Week: Why do people show kindness? Daily Questions: Why was Francisco grateful for the jacket from Mr. Sims? Why do you think Miss Scalapino lets Francisco release the butterfly? What are random act of kindness? Free powerpoint template:

  6. Activate Prior Knowledge • Brainstorm what it’s like to be a newcomer. • Think of a time they were new to a group, a school, or a neighborhood. • Brainstorm words and phrases to describe what it felt like to be a newcomer. • Reverse the roles and imagine a new student joining their class. What kinds of things could they do or say to make it easier on the newcomer? Free powerpoint template:

  7. Compare and Contrast • When writers compare and contrast things, they tell how those things are alike or different. • Words such as same, also, before, although, and however are clues that things are being compared and contrasted. • Sometimes writers do not use clue words when they compare and contrast things. Before After Free powerpoint template:

  8. Answer Questions: Good readers know how to find the answers to questions such as, “ How would you compare and contrast __________ and __________?” Sometimes you can find an answer in just one place. Other times you must search in several places to find all the information to answer a question. Free powerpoint template:

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  10. WRITE Read “A New Home.” Make a graphic organizer like the one above to compare and contrast life for some Mexican people before and after they come to the United States. Write a comparison of how Mexicans celebrate holidays in Mexico and in the United States. Use information from your graphic organizer to help you. Free powerpoint template:

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  14. Vocabulary Word List Caterpillar Cocoon Disrespect Emerge Migrant Sketched Unscrewed Introduce Vocabulary Which vocabulary words fit the following clues: Which word describes someone who moves around a lot? Which word names a colorful worm-like creature that is one part of the life cycle of a butterfly? Which word has a similar meaning as curling up and hiding or staying inside? Which word means to “ come out?” Where have you seen some of these words? Sketched and Unscrewed have –ed endings which tells us they are past tense verbs. Free powerpoint template:

  15. Caterpillar The wormlike larvae of insects such as butterflies and moths Free powerpoint template:

  16. Cocoon Case of silky thread spun by the larvae of various insects, to live in while they are developing into adults. Free powerpoint template:

  17. Disrespect To show a lack of respect; to be rude Free powerpoint template:

  18. Emerge To come into view; come out; come up Free powerpoint template:

  19. Migrant Worker, especially a farm worker, who travels from one area to another in search of work. Free powerpoint template:

  20. Sketched Drawn roughly and quickly Free powerpoint template:

  21. Unscrewed Loosened or taken off by turning Free powerpoint template:

  22. More Words to Know Gestured: made a movement to help express an idea or a feeling. Suspenders: Straps worn over the shoulders to hold up the trousers Free powerpoint template:

  23. Practice Lesson Vocabulary Does a migrant worker live in one place? Would Francisco have sketched a robin? Did Francisco like caterpillars? Caterpillars spin themselves into _____________________. Francisco’s parents did not want him to _____________ his teacher. Did Francisco ever _______________from hiding. Francisco ________________ the top of the jar to set the butterfly free. Free powerpoint template:

  24. Vocabulary Strategy (pg. 144) Prefixes: un-, dis- Word Structure: Sometimes you can use prefixes to figure out the meaning of an unfamiliar word. The prefixes un- and dis- usually mean “ the opposite of” or “to do the opposite,” as in untie and disappear . Follow these steps. Cover the prefix. Look at the base word. See if you know what it means. Ask: “How does the prefix change the meaning of the base word?” Check to see if this new meaning makes sense in the sentence. As you read “ The Story of a Caterpillar, : look for words that begin with the prefix un- or dis-. Use the prefixes to help you figure out the meanings of the words. Free powerpoint template:

  25. Free powerpoint template:

  26. Free powerpoint template:

  27. Genre: Realistic Fiction Realistic fiction deals with characters and actions that seem real but come from the author’s imagination. As you read, notice how the author makes the setting and characters come to life. Free powerpoint template:

  28. Preview and Predict Preview the story title and illustrations and discuss what might happen in this story. Use your vocabulary words to discuss possibilities Free powerpoint template:

  29. Guided Comprehension: Compare Francisco to Curtis. What can you learn about Arthur from his friendship with Francisco? Why do you think the author includes the scene where the teacher scolds Francisco for speaking Spanish? How is Francisco like the caterpillar? What have you learned about Francisco so far? Why does Curtis attack Francisco? Compare the way Miss Scalapino responds to Francisco during the fight and how she responds to him later in the classroom. Free powerpoint template:

  30. Guided Comprehension Continued: Have students use prefixes to determine the meaning of disrespect in paragraph 2 on pg. 154. When Francisco received the award, he said, “ I was so proud I felt like bursting out of my skin.” In what way is the author comparing Francisco to the cocoon? Why do you think Francisco is excited to see the butterfly emerge from the cocoon? Why do you think Francisco gives his drawing to Curtis? How does this story deepen your understanding of what it’s like to be new to a school or neighborhood? Free powerpoint template:

  31. Author’s Purpose • Author’s may have more than one reason for writing. Four common reasons are: to inform, to persuade, to entertain, and to express feelings or thoughts. • Knowing the author’s purpose can help a reader better understand a story. • Visualize the scenes as they reread pp. 150-151. State the author’s purpose in your own words. Free powerpoint template:

  32. Free powerpoint template:

  33. A Short Story • A short story is a concise piece of fiction that focuses on only one character or a few characters and describes a single event or a closely related series of events. • A short story contains all of the story elements ---setting, characters, plot, and theme. • The main difference between a short story and a novel is its length. • Work in small group to determine if “Inside Out” is a short story. First, write a list of questions to ask, such as, “Is the story fiction?” or “Is it short?” “Is a single event described?” Write a descriptive paragraph about whether they think “Random Acts of Kindness: is or is not a short story. Pose the following questions before writing Is “Random Acts of Kindness” fiction? If not, what is it? Does “Random Act of Kindness” tell about a related series of events? Free powerpoint template:

  34. SUMMARY This book follows the action of several children who want to help others and gives useful information on ways that readers can also help their community. COMPREHENSION QUESTIONS PAGE 11 Compare the different categories of the chart. Which one interests you the most? Why? PAGE 13 What does Annie do to raise money? Where did you find the answer? PAGES 15–17 Why do you think the author chose to use Lee as an example of a kid volunteer? PAGES 20–22 What did Hallanah do to find out more information for her Web site? Free powerpoint template:

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  37. SUMMARY Juan, a child in a migrant worker family, longs for a permanent home as he deals with the harsh realities of migrant worker life. COMPREHENSION QUESTIONS PAGE 8 Why would Juan buy his mom a red car? PAGE 13 Where can you find the answer to the question: “What was the weather like the week that Juan picked strawberries?” PAGE 14 What generalization can you make about picking strawberries for a living? PAGE 17 Were you surprised that Manuel quit working for Spike?

  38. Free powerpoint template:

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  40. SUMMARY This book tells of the damage caused by various natural disasters and discusses ways that people aid in disaster relief efforts. COMPREHENSION QUESTIONS PAGE 4 What is one of the most important things that happens right after a disaster strikes? PAGE 7 Where can you find the main idea for the first paragraph on page 7? PAGE 14 How do you think people can find out what they should donate to a relief effort? PAGES 16–17 What happened in the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake that did not happen in the 1989 earthquake? PAGE 19 What did the people of Valmeyer do to make sure their town would not get flooded again? Free powerpoint template:

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  43. Read the following emails. Email #1 Email #2 Email #3 What was Francisco’s random act of kindness? Write a letter from Francisco to Curtis, explaining Francisco’s random act of kindness. Free powerpoint template:

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  47. Additional Resources Interview with Fracisco Jimenez Prefix Activity Free powerpoint template: