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Bitcoin ATM Near Me PowerPoint Presentation
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Bitcoin ATM Near Me

Bitcoin ATM Near Me

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Bitcoin ATM Near Me

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  1. Baap Bitcoin ATM

  2. Baap Bitcoin ATM Welcome Message Welcome everyone and thanks for coming out. Today we are going to discuss how Bitcoin ATM’s work, the different brands, and business models and how you can make some MONEY!

  3. THE HISTORY Bitcoin Here's a quick history of Bitcoin Bitcoin is the first and still most widespread and successful blockchain-based cryptocurrency in the world. ● Launched in 2009, the price of 1 bitcoin remained a few dollars for its first few years. ● The price reached a peak of nearly $61,000 usd per bitcoin not too long ago, and has since fluctuates quite a bit, settling at around $57,000 usd ● Since 2009 many cryptocurrencies have joined, most popular ones being Ethereum, Dash, Litecoin, Dodge, Xrp….

  4. Ways to buy Crypto 3 most popular ways to buy Crypto Bitcoin ATM OTC Online Exchange Register to online Locate a Bitcoin atm Locate an over the exchange and start and buy directly for counter exchange and buying the atm buy directly from them BaapATM is a hybrid of Bitcoin and OTC!

  5. History of ATM’s First ATM in the World October 29, 2013, a Robocoin machine opened in the Waves coffee shop in downtown Vancouver, Canada. This machine is understood to be the world's first publicly available Bitcoin ATM Since then the market has grown and now Bitcoin ATM’s are more accessible

  6. Growth Bitcoin ATM Market The Bitcoin ATM market in the world has grown ● substantially since 2013. It is still a new market being only 8 years old. ● A lot more people are just warming up to crypto ● and starting to buy bitcoin and other crypto. Most popular way to buy is through Bitcoin ● ATM’s

  7. Baap Bitcoin ATM Here is the Baap Bitcoin ATM Why you are here... Does not look like your traditional ATM but it is going to revolutionize the Bitcoin ATM industry!!

  8. Baap Bitcoin ATM Features 1 3 Easy to use interface Phone calls and take pictures We have made it extremely You can add a sim card and easy to use, that your make phone calls, take grandmother can use it. pictures and even print receipts! 2 4 Works on wifi or bluetooth Compact & Portable Its portable so you can sell You just need to charge it on the go and at anytime. and connect through wifi or Not confined to business bluetooth hours.

  9. Multi Location / Multi User BaapATM is currently the only that offers enterprise platform for selling Bitcoin/Crypto With Baap, you can have one master account that manages all your location and users. - - - Multi-location brand management Multi-location Reporting User Access Management

  10. How BaapATM works 1 2 3 4 Ready to take orders Collect Money Fund account Transaction complete A agent would fund their The agent’s BaapATM The agent collects Agent scans the BaapATM by sending account is “ top-up” and money from the customers crypto wallet money from their bank is able to sell crypto to customer and the crypto is sent. customers

  11. Differences.. Baap ATM Others... Inexpensive no experience needed takes up less to space Profit sharing!! Expensive takes up a lot of space Only able to make a fixed amount (rent) ● ● ● ● ● ● ● With Baap ATM resellers make money off their money Baap ATM With other ATM’s, resellers are either buying the ATM at the going price of $3,000 - $10,000 Baap ATM is the only company that allows you to make money off you money! or are getting paid rent by Bitcoin ATM companies of $200-$400/month

  12. How to become a agent

  13. How to become a agent

  14. Cryptocurrency market is growing everyday. With uncertainty in the economy, people are looking for alternatives. Bitcoin ATM’s are the easiest way to buy Bitcoin for everyone. Its simple and like a norm, it’s like going to a bank or store. Bitcoin ATM’s make it easier for anyone to buy crypto. Look at the jumps in Bitcoin ATM’s in Canada from 2017. This is a growing market that you can't afford to miss out on. Bitcoin ATM’s in Canada IT IS THE FUTURE!! 2017 -131 2018 - 310 2019 - 618 2020 - 717

  15. Baap Bitcoin ATM Unlike other Bitcoin ATM’s or OTCs, BaapATM has a wide Your not just stuck with Bitcoin. variety of crypto to purchase.

  16. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Convenience Store Jewelers Gas stations Cash gold/Cash Advance stores Pawn shop Ethnic Grocery Stores Coffee Shop Flea Market/ Independent Mobile Universities/ Colleges (Mobile) Employment Agencies Mall Kiosks Cell Phone/ Computer/ Tech Shops Airport Kiosk Tattoo Parlours News Stands (ICE) - Currency Exchange Barber / Hair Salon Any place that has foot traffic THE DETAILS Potential Locations For those of you wondering of locations. Here is a list of potential locations and types of locations that already have ATM,s

  17. BENEFITS 01 What We provide Territory You get you own territory, so you don't have to worry Baap ATM does all the about have a Baap ATM promotions online, social media close to your locations. 02 and provides all promotional Advertising swag for you. No Cost to you. We advertise and direct traffic to you location. 03 Support & Training 100% support and training from the Baap ATM team.

  18. Thanks Baap Bitcoin ATM Website Tel: 1-877-339-0251 Email: