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Paintball Elements PowerPoint Presentation
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Paintball Elements

Paintball Elements

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Paintball Elements

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  1. Paintball Elements Owner: Jacob Stoy

  2. Business Model

  3. Floor Plan

  4. Paintball Field Example

  5. Hours, Pricing, and Products

  6. Goals and objectives • Provide paintball service like no other in Pittsburgh. • Introduce a new pricing plan than competitors that save money for both the business and consumer by cutting out the middle man. • Become successful enough to eventually expand.

  7. Background • I have been playing Paintball for many years. • My brother and I have always been looking for a good place to play • We finally settled at three rivers but dislike the service and the prices. • The only reason we go is because of the convenience of its proximity

  8. Jobs • Cashier • Must ring up any new entries • Knowledge of basic paintball subjects • Fill up empty tanks of players • Referee • Must put together teams and games for players • In control of each party that is playing • Must maintain the safety of all players and enforce rules. • Mechanic • Fix any problems with guns and equipment • Maintain all inventory/stock

  9. Employee Wages • Employees will work mostly on minimum wage ($7.25 per hour) • Minimum of • 12 Referees • 8 Cashiers • 6 Maintenance Workers • Total of about 700 working hours a month • 27 working hours per Employee • $5000 dollars a month

  10. Hiring Process • First place to look would be high schools. • Preferably juniors and seniors with paintball experience. • If not enough, then fliers around the local area • This will allow easy commute for workers • Interview promising applicants • Look for some knowledge of paintball and/or competence. • Train those who need it in the fields that they will be performing.

  11. Job Specification Form Company: Paintball Elements Job Title: Referee Rate of Pay: From $7.25 to $8.00 per hour Previous Job in Organization Chart: None Next Job in Organization Chart: None Supervisor’s Job Title: Owner – Jacob Stoy Qualifications Education: 10th grade high school or above. Experience: Some paintball experience required. Physical Requirements: Move around quickly – good eyesight and judgment in all things paintball. Specific Skills or Abilities Required: Count even teams, fix minor problems on guns, chronograph paintball speed. Training provided: Rules of paintball, shadowing trained referees. Job Requirements Major Job Tasks: Referee paintball matches, ensure the safety of players by enforcing rules, provide help to customers in all things paintball.

  12. Job Specification form cont. Specific Job Duties: Provide help with minor gun problems Chronograph guns to ensure safe FPS Referee games to ensure player safety Discuss rules with all players to ensure no confusion. Number of work hours Required per week Maximum: 25 Minimum: 15 Normal Work Schedule: Daily: 5 hour days Mon-Thu Mon-Thurs: 12pm-5pm Friday: 5 hour shifts (morning and night) Friday: 12pm-5pm; 5pm-10pm Weekly: 6 hour Work days (weekends) Sat-Sun: 11am-5pm Employee Benefits Provided: Vacation: Non-paid Insurance: None Other: Free use of fields to employees.

  13. Us Versus the Competition • Why are we better? • Different pricing strategy that saves both the consumer and the company money • Better location that allows more people to easily get to our fields • Better service to each individual player from novice to pro

  14. Target Market • All paintball players from pros to novices • Free play • Target kids to young adults from 16 to 30 • Well set up fields attract the more experienced players • Friendly service to those new to paintball • Private Party • Target anyone who wants to paintball with people they know • Company outings, Bachelor parties, birthday parties, etc. • Good prices and service

  15. Grand Opening • 15 dollar admission • 50 dollar paint • Free air • Counts toward punch card • Big Themed battles • Raffles for gold, silver, and bronze passes

  16. Marketing GOLD BRONZE SILVER

  17. MARKETING FRONT PAINTBALL ELEMENTS Gold Member Name: John Smith Exp: 4/30/13 BACK Benefits of gold membership include free admission, free air/co2 refills, and MVP service. Caution: Paintball is a dangerous sport, the user of this card assumes all risk and liability associated with paintball while on the fields.

  18. MARKETING Cont. Paintball Elements Splatter Card Buy 10 admissions get 11th Free

  19. Loan Information • Require a 360,000 dollar loan • This includes building, land, and set up fees • At 4% interest we expect to pay back the loan in 10 years • 3,635 per month • With projected income, company should maintain substantial profit even while paying back loan