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DC Powered Security Camera PowerPoint Presentation
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DC Powered Security Camera

DC Powered Security Camera

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DC Powered Security Camera

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  1. DC Powered Security Camera Sect 001 Team 7: Wesley Rowe Husain BaniHashem SathvikShetty Kevin Kluk

  2. Needs and Requirements • Safe in intention and design with no possible harm to employees • Innovative ideas • Low Voltage power to the product with power available per channel of 100 W at 24 Vdc • No typical lighting products such as changing the power source of typical lights • Product must provide value to the commercial environment but it can also provide value to the people who occupy or use the space. • Known technology must be utilized, nothing futuristic • Time line for implantation must thought possible in the near term, 2 years, to midterm,5 years • Determine possible partners such as a model company that could manufacture or bring the product to market

  3. General Benefits of DC Power • More energy efficient than AC because there is no power lost converting AC to DC at the device level • The AC power is only converted once to DC before it reaches any device in the office which will be less costly for the companies and owners • It will also be safer for workers in these environments and will also be safer for electricians too because of the low voltage system • Ability to be used with solar energy since it is a promising source of power for the future • Infrastructure in place in buildings that can take the DC power directly from the panels without conversions will be optimal

  4. Potential Office Spaces for Low Voltage DC Business commercial space: Lighting, IT equipment, Projectors, Kitchen appliances, Security cameras Manufacturing: Any form of machinery for whatever field used in that particular office Merchandise Distribution: Cash register, Computers, Barcode readers Educational: Smart boards, Projectors, Computers, Cash registers, Kitchen appliances, Copiers, Printers Transportation hubs: Video systems, Schedule board, Tracking systems, Security cameras, Computers, Cash registers, Loudspeakers Sports Installations:Jumbotron, Digital scoreboards, TV screens, Cash registers, Security system, Metal detectors, Loudspeakers, Exercise equipment Healthcare facilities: Cash registers, Computers, Lighting, X-ray machines, TV, Loudspeakers

  5. Option 1 – Portable Projector Samsung P410M Portable Projector Power Supply: 14V DC 4.5 Amps Consumption: <54 W Dimensions: 5.8" x 2.5" x 5.7" Weight: 2.1 lbs. • The power coming out of the power rails in the ceiling would need to be downgraded from 24V to 14V. Normally this can be achieved with a step down converter but a converter with variable inputs and outputs could not be found with a high enough input voltage so resistors between the initial source and the projector will have to be used instead to convert the voltage. A cord of some sort would also be needed from the ceiling to power the projector since it is considered portable unless the projector was to be hard mounted.

  6. Option 2 – Security Camera SSCDC80 Fixed Color Camera Power Supply: 12V DC ±10% Consumption: 4.6W Dimensions: 2 7/8 x 2 1/4 x 20 1/4 in (including front and rear covers) Weight: 1.23lbs • To provide optimal security in the workplace to keep employers happy and employees feeling safe. The security camera is far lighter than what the rails can support so there would be no problems mounting the camera. The camera can just have cords run through the ceiling since it will not be moving from place to place. • Since the camera runs on 12V of DC power a step down converter can be used to drop the input voltage from 24 to 12. The Funtrip 24v step-down 12v DC/DC converter would be the best converter to use for this purpose. Dimension: 45X45X18MM

  7. Option 3 – PA System/Amplifier TOA 700 series mixer/amplifier used in an office PA system A-706 amplifier Power Supply: 70V Consumption: 4W Weight: 9.3kg Dimensions:16.8" x 4.3" x 14.68" • Public Address (PA) system is designed for public addressing and emergency. These fully digitalized systems play a highly important role in offices as all announcements to workers and employees can be made using this system. The main advantage is that the speaker for such a system will be attached to the ceiling all over the office and since it uses dc at a low voltage it saves lot of power and money for the company.

  8. Option 4 – Cash Register SAM4S ER-230 Cash Register Power supply: 7V DC 2.0 A Consumption: 11 W Peak Weight: 7.1 lbs Dimensions: 225x 326x 124 mm • A portable cash register that can be used in shops and markets is very useful when rearranging shops because of its lightweight. The cash register consumes very low power. It is perfect for small businesses and small shop owners. Cords can be brought from the ceiling into the cash register and resistors would be needed between the power source and register to step down the voltage to the required 7 volts. The cords can be thin or have the same color of the shops wall so it is easy on the eye. Dimension of Converter: 45X45X18MM

  9. Determining Weight Factors (WF) of Criteria with a Pair-Wise Comparison Matrix

  10. Concept Selection with Weighted Selection Matrix

  11. Meeting of Product Objectives Objectives Consider a commercial building space that has a low voltage DC power distribution system, what products would you design?  What problems would be solved by your products? How would your product enhance the use of, or more efficient use of the facility by the owner, or provide a benefit to the occupants, such as personal comfort, productivity, or safety? • Product • Surveillance camera that will work on the low voltage DC power distribution system • Operates 24 hours a day and provides better security within commercial spaces • DC is advantageous to companies because there is no energy lost in AC to DC conversion • Money saved for the company and owners which would allow companies to invest more in security • Employees feel safer in their workplace • Owner a sense of calm as he always knows what goes on inside his office • Assurance that assets are not being misused and also to ensure that his/her employees are producing to the highest of their potential

  12. Security Camera Isometric view of SolidWorks rendering of the camera. Shows camera mount to the ceiling and to the power rail

  13. Security Camera Right side view of the camera while attached to the ceiling

  14. Security Camera Close up view of the camera connected to the power rail. An step down converter is also present between the power rail and the camera to convert the 24VDC to 12VDC

  15. Security Camera Close up front isometric view of the camera

  16. Team Contributions • Wes Rowe: Initial Research, Final Selection, PowerPoint Presentation, Model, Wesbite Content • Husain BaniHashem: Initial Research, Final Selection, PowerPoint Presentation, Posterboard, Website design • Kevin Kluk: Initial Research, Final Selection, PowerPoint Presentation, SolidWorks Model, Website Content • SathvikShetty: Initial Research, Final Selection, PowerPoint Presentation, Posterboard, Website Content.

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