the divine comedy dante s inferno by dante alighieri n.
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The Divine Comedy Dante’s Inferno By: Dante Alighieri PowerPoint Presentation
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The Divine Comedy Dante’s Inferno By: Dante Alighieri

The Divine Comedy Dante’s Inferno By: Dante Alighieri

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The Divine Comedy Dante’s Inferno By: Dante Alighieri

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  1. The Divine ComedyDante’s InfernoBy: Dante Alighieri By: Brittany Donaldson

  2. Irony • This made Dante Alighieri’s Epic Poem The Divine Comedy much better because it gave you a new perspective of Hell • The 9th Circle of Hell is not what most people would expect • Most would expect fire and burning • Instead Dante believes it is frozen • Lucifer is considered God of Ice • Also it is Ironic that Traitors receive the worst punishment • Judas, Brutus, and Cassius are chewed on by Satan’s 3 mouths • In all the other Circles there were countless amounts of souls • It’s ironic that by betraying Caesar they would get the worst punishment

  3. Tone • Tone adds a lot to Inferno • It is a dark and evil Tone • This is done to show what a horrible and awful place Hell would be to go to • By doing this it allows Dante to get his point across about Hell and the fear he felt

  4. Voice • Voice is seen in a couple different ways because the author, narrator, and main character are all Dante • He talks with Virgil and speaks to many of the beings in Hell • But he also tells the story as the narrator • You are lead to believe he has a very kind voice • The same is believed of Virgil, Dante’s guide

  5. Imagery • This is seen all throughout the poem • The description of the gates of Hell bring horrible image to your mind • The way Lucifer is described allows you to try and understand Dante’s fear • The Imagery really allows you to feel as if you are there experiencing every horror and agony

  6. Paradise LostBy: John Milton symx_paradiselost.htm

  7. Irony • This is seen in a couple different parts • The obvious one is Adam and Eve living and enjoying their life, but being fully unaware that they are about to be targeted by Satan • Of course the other being that in the beginning when the Devils are first seen they are described as these awesome and powerful beings • The irony being when they rebelled in Heaven they did not manage to destroy a single angel

  8. Tone • Tone gives you a good idea of what’s going on in Paradise Lost • It allows you to feel in a way how the characters would feel • It is mostly a serious tone overall • At the beginning and during the battles it become a tone of despair • Of course during the battles it is also a very tense tone

  9. Voice • When voice is used it is hard to know because there are no quotes • It is believed that Satan’s voice is very powerful and possibly even over-powering

  10. Imagery • This is seen a lot • With the images of the battles and in the beginning the image of Satan lying, chained to the lake of fire in Hell after falling from Heaven