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Essential Driver Information

Essential Driver Information

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Essential Driver Information

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  1. Essential DriverInformation Chapter 10

  2. License Renewal Renewal Guidelines: -Your license must be renewed prior to expiration -4 year renewal after basic license -If your license is not renewed for 3 years, you must retake: -Vision Test -Written Test -Road Test -Driver must bring 6 points of ID -Must be completed in person at NJDMV

  3. Address Change If a driver moves to a new address: -You must report the change within 1 week -Bring proof of new address to NJDMV 6 points of ID and get a new license -Submit request online -Call 1-888-486-3339 and submit request *Stickers will be issued with new address printed, and driver can attach them to back side of license and registration

  4. Name Change What are the legal ways to change your name? -Marriage -Divorce -Adoption -Court Ruling -All name changes must be reported to NJDMV within 2 weeks -All name changes must be made in person at NJDMV -6 points of ID required -Must bring certified copy of name change document Metta World Peace

  5. Lost Permit/License If a Permit is Lost or Stolen: -NJDMV will issue a duplicate for $5 -If the permit holder is 17 or older, he or she can apply at the DMV -If the permit holder is under 17, A licensed driving instructor must apply for the duplicate If a License is Lost or Stolen: -The holder must report it to local police -NJDMV will issue a duplicate for $11 -The applicant must go to the DMV in person and provide 6 points of ID

  6. Organ Donation At age 18, when applying for your Basic Driver’s License, you can become an organ donor In the event of an accident, you can donate your organs to help those in need Why should you do it? Facts: -One organ and tissue donor can save or enhance more than 50 lives -Every day more than 18 people die waiting for organs -More than 4,200 NJ Residents are waiting for organs -No cost to family or affect on funeral arrangements

  7. Organ Donation What Organs can be donated? -Kidneys -Heart -Lungs -Liver -Pancreas -Intestines What Tissue can be donated? -Corneas -Middle Ear -Skin -Heart Valves -Bone -Veins -Cartilage -Tendons -Ligaments Roxanne Watson keeps a photo of the donor who gave her a new heart and allowed her to keep living Meet Steve and hear his story… Meet Chandler and hear his story…

  8. Organ Donation You will be asked each time you renew your license if you want to be an organ donor, if you say yes, you are legally consenting to the donation of organ and tissue. You should discuss this decision with your family. Question: Get in your groups and discuss whether you think you will be an organ donor or not. If you will, why will you be? If you won’t, why won’t you be? Do you know if your parent’s/guardians are? While watching the following movie, decide if you will be an organ donor. Think about how bad decisions while driving can lead to this difficult decision. Will you be an organ donor?

  9. Organ Donation Write a one-page, typed paper on organ donation: -Will you be an organ donor -Why or Why not -Is anyone in your family organ donors -Do you know anyone who has received an organ from donation -What are the benefits of organ donation -What are the setbacks of organ donation This paper will count as a test grade