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Top Questions to Ask Your Wedding Caterer PowerPoint Presentation
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Top Questions to Ask Your Wedding Caterer

Top Questions to Ask Your Wedding Caterer

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Top Questions to Ask Your Wedding Caterer

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  1. Top Questions to Ask Your Wedding Caterer

  2. Great Food • Great food is part of the wedding experience. But as a couple, questions you need to ask your wedding caterer go beyond the menu. • It can be a bit overwhelming especially if you have never been involved in wedding planning before. • However, you cannot skip this part as this will help you understand what caterers can and cannot provide for you.

  3. To help you get started, here are few important questions to ask your wedding caterer.

  4. What Services are Covered in The Quote? • Think about everything you’ll need on the big day. Would you afford taking care of the set up and break-down for the caterer? • Do you want table-side water services?  Inquire about the services included in the caterer’s quote so you can be assured of a hassle-free catering service. • Some services might seem small or easy to forgo but still, can contribute to overall guest convenience. • Once you gain an idea where the cost is attributed to, it will be easier for you to compare caterers. You can even pull down the cost as you exclude services you wouldn’t need.

  5. How Will The Food Be Prepared? • Food such as fried dishes are better cooked on-site. In this regard, do ask your caterer if they are preparing the food in an off-site kitchen and then delivered to the venue, or do all the cooking at the venue itself. • You want meals served hot and fresh so concerns about food preparation should be discussed beforehand. Also, you’d want to know where you caterer sources all ingredients they’re using as this can add to the cost you’re paying. • There might be seasonal ingredients in the menu you have chosen, in which case the cost of food preparation may be higher.  

  6. Have You Catered for Weddings Before? • Not all food catering services specialize in weddings. • This does not mean you should take out from your list caterers that provide services to various events. • However, your caterer should have experienced catering for weddings before.

  7. How Many Events are You Catering for on The Wedding Day? • It should be clear how many events your caterer is serving on the big day. • The quality of service they’d be able to provide is likely get affected if they’ve just been to another event or are rushing to the next one after yours.   • Also, you want the staff focused and energetic. Making sure that the staff you met will also be present on your wedding day can give you assurance that food quality as well as serving size will be the same as what you’re served during the tasting.

  8. Check These Out! • Looking for a wedding caterer doesn’t have to be complicated. • Take time to talk to caterers and don’t forget to ask them these four important questions listed above. • Check Out The Top Questions to Ask Your Wedding Caterer. • Brought to you by - One of the best caterering companies especially for events like Wedding Party Catering for Maryborough. • For more info, check out: