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Car Transportation Services PowerPoint Presentation
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Car Transportation Services

Car Transportation Services

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Car Transportation Services

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  1. Car Transport Services Grab the Best Transportation Deals

  2. Why shipping a car is easier and cheaper than driving it? • How can you get the best value for your money? • How does car shipping service work? Three main confusions:

  3. Because: • Gas prices constantly increase. • Car shipping could be tax deductible. • Spare wear and tear on your vehicle. • Save time; hop on a plane and relax. Why shipping a car is easier and cheaper then driving?

  4. It is the same as any other services you purchase – you get what you pay for. • The more flexible you are when booking your car shipping services the easier for us will be to find more affordable prices. • Don’t trust companies with very low prices because this could be a car shipping scam. How to achieve the best value of your money?

  5. How does car shipping services work?

  6.  Enclosed carrier transport • Open carrier transport • Expedited car shipping • Classic, exotics, high-end cars transport Types of services:

  7. Covered auto transport trailer is the preferred method for shipping classic, sports and luxury automobiles. Most carriers are equipped with hydraulic lift gates to hold the vehicle horizontal while loading and unloading it. The truckers have experience in handling high-end and classic automobiles. Enclosed trailers offer complete protection from elements. Enclosed Car Shipping

  8. There are a few different types of open auto transport trailers. The most popular once are single level multi-car trailer; single-vehicle hotshot / dually truck with tow trailer; double level multi-car trailer and single deck multi-car trailer. • If your car has a low clearance or any other noticeable modification it’s best that you hire a single level car transport trailer or hotshot truck. They are flatbed trailers design for one or more cars and are preferred shipping method for any modified vehicles and SUVs. • You can also choose a standard double level trailer, but the single deck is quicker because the multi-hauler multi level truck will require more time to fill all available spots. Open Carrier Shipping

  9. Expedited or express car shipping service is when one needs their car transported at an exact date or as quickly as possible. The car hauling process starts with finding the right company, then checking and comparing car shipping prices, and finally understanding the time it will take to ship the vehicle. The cost to ship a car depends on the car make and model, condition, shipping method, the distance, location and even seasonal fluctuations. Expedited service is more expensive. Expedited Car Shipping

  10. We thrive to be one of the largest and most trusted vehicle shipping companies in North America. Each year, coast to coast and across the borders, Midsommar Servicesdelivers thousand of vehicles, achieving 99.7% damage free and on-time performance. • Our satisfied clients include all major global vehicle manufacturers, re-marketers, financial institutions, auctions, dealers, retail single units and personally owned vehicles. About us:

  11. For any further query: • Main: (800) 461-6853Fax: (888) 445-4867Email: Thank You 