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Epoxy Flooring For Your Industry PowerPoint Presentation
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Epoxy Flooring For Your Industry

Epoxy Flooring For Your Industry

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Epoxy Flooring For Your Industry

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  1. Epoxy Flooring For Your Industry

  2. Epoxy flooring is common used for industrial and commercial flooring. It is commonly done on concrete floors where high performance, durable and smooth surface is achieved. In industries where heavy loads are in movement, the epoxy floor is perfect. Be assured to get many years of services with this kind of floor. The main point that should always be noted, professional and experienced company should be responsible for this job.

  3. Safety and cleanliness are only achieved if the company has applied epoxy on their concrete floor. Keep your employees safe with epoxy floor since it is easy to clean and safe to walk on without falling. Epoxy coating is only done on a slightly porous and clean surface so as it can come out as it should be. The preparation and procedure to be followed are very strictly adhered to for a quality result

  4. First, the floor must be sparkling clean and slightly porous so as it can adhere perfectly. The concrete applied on should not be polished or sealed since it might not bond with the epoxy coat used. The concrete should also be completely cured, repair all major chips and cracks to remove all grease. Before coating an old floor with epoxy, it is important to test the floor for the previous layer applied or any other product that might have been used years back. How do you test for the previous epoxy on an old floor? Pour a little amount of water on the floor, the water is expected to sink in. Observe the water beads carefully to ensure they sink but if they do not note that the surface is not suitable for epoxy coating. Note that unfavorable temperature can cause the epoxy coat to peel or bubble.

  5. Epoxy flooring protects the concrete underneath from getting grease, stains, cracks, and moisture. With epoxy coating, the industry or company is able to save costs incurred from maintenance and cleaning. A shiny floor is also achieved with the use of an epoxy coat. It gives the floor a great appearance from a glance. The other advantage of durability, epoxy flooring has a long lifespan even in industries where heavy loads are dealt with. Compared to other floors, this is the best and the most durable. It facilitates easy movement of both people and materials since the floor is smooth and safe to walk on. If you are looking in front to having a beautiful or rather attractive floor, epoxy coating is the best choice that you have. Epoxy comes in various colors that add in a smooth, flawless and an elegant shiny floor. It can be either be personalized or traditional design

  6. For a durable and elegant shiny floor, epoxy flooring should be your only choice. Many industries have used it for many years reducing floor maintenance cost and making cleaning easier for the workers. Make us your one-stop shop and listen to our story. We are a professional company that has specialized in construction practices and provide more that your imagination

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