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The Spotted Dog Campaign PowerPoint Presentation
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The Spotted Dog Campaign

The Spotted Dog Campaign

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The Spotted Dog Campaign

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  1. The Spotted Dog Campaign Ben Roed, Lindsey Jackson, Danelle Ruppert and Maggie Kamen

  2. This is a campaign using the R.O.P.E model developed by Jerry Hendrix. • R.O.P.E stands for research, objective setting, programming and evaluation. R.O.P.E


  4. The Spotted Dog Consignment Store • Gail Robins – Director of Oasis and the consignment store • The purpose of the store is to supply funds to a boys orphanage in Guadalajara, Mexico called Oasis En-Gadi Client Information

  5. Oasis’ mission is rescuing, restoring and reintegrating children in Mexico. • Oasis works with street children who are homeless or run-a-ways. Some are drug addicted and starving children that have nothing and no one to care for them. Oasis finds these children on the street and gives them a place to live and a fresh start. • Housing up to 12 boys 24 hours a day is not a cheap thing to do. They need at least two people on shift 24/7, 365 days a year. Client Information Cont.

  6. Oasis began its work in 1997, it currently houses 10 boys but has room for 12. • Financial restraints have kept Oasis from growing and rescuing more boys from the streets of Guadalajara. • PR efforts in the past have relied on Gail Robins who typically tours a group of churches in the summer in an effort to raise funds. • Weakness- effort has had limited experience. • Strengths- Volunteers and donors to Oasis are passionate and truly believe in the mission and values of Oasis. Background Information of Oasis

  7. Long Range Goals • To provide a source of income for Oasis • Short Range Goals • To get the word out into the community about the consignment store. Opportunity Setting or Goals

  8. Consigners • College students • Middle Class families • Lower Class families • Hispanic population • People who don’t have time for Garage Sales • The Church • People moving away • Consumers • Surrounding areas • High School Students • People who “live” for Garage Sales • New home owners • People living on their own for the first time • And all of the people considered consigners. Our Publics


  10. Informational Objectives: • Message exposure: • Get the word out about the Spotted Dog. • What Oasis is, and what it does for the children in Mexico. • Comprehension: • Explain what a consignment store is (you get a cut of the money made on what you’ve donated). • Retention: • Get people to come back. • Build trust/rapport. Impact Objectives

  11. Attitudinal Objectives: • Formation of new attitude: • Convince people that by using the Spotted Dog, not only are they getting great deals, but they are also helping people in another country. • We are stimulating two economies, not just Mexico. • Change old attitudes: • Some people are prejudice of Mexicans, and won’t shop there because the funds are aiding Mexicans. • This is not a scam to make people feel sorry for the Mexican children and steal all their money. Impact Objectives Cont.

  12. Behavioral Objectives: • Get people to come back/continue using the Spotted Dog. • Possibly attend a Spanish class (once they start). • Possibly attend any of the meetings or groups Gail hopes to offer based in the Spotted Dog. Impact Objectives Cont.

  13. Distribution/Execution: • Controlled • Use the various mediums to get the word out and explain what the Spotted Dog is and what Oasis does. • Uncontrolled • Take the uncontrollable and control it, have workers or church members discuss the Spotted Dog on Facebook, Twitter and various blogs. • When things do come out, interact with it. Use the opportunity to prove that the Spotted Dog is good for the community. Output Objectives


  15. The special event our group will be planning is the grand opening to the Spotted Dog Consignment Store which will eventually stand alone to fund Oasis. • This event will be used to get the word out about the store as well as Oasis itself. Special Event

  16. For the grand opening of The Spotted Dog, the consignment store, we will use the logo that won a logo design contest. • This logo will help us to portray a reoccurring theme of the store and it’s opening in our public’s mind. Theme and Message

  17. Uncontrolled Media • Press Releases • Feature Stories • Editorials • News specials • Photos • Interviews • Facebook Conversations • Twitter Mentions • Blog entries from external sources • Television • Radio • Controlled Media • PR Advertisements • Flyers • Banners • Invitations • Mailers • Oasis Website • Oasis Facebook Group • Oasis Twitter Account • Oasis spotlight in Living Hope Church printed and virtual publications • TV/Radio Commercials • Blog entries from internal sources Media

  18. To effectively communicate at the event everyone working will have adequate knowledge concerning the steps to becoming a consigner: • how to sign up • when to get their money • what to do if their items are not bought • etc. • Everyone will also be encouraged to talk to people about Living Hope Church if they seem interested. • The key leaders at the event will be Chris and Gail Robins. Effective Communication

  19. EVALUATION by survey in store or online to determine the following aspects of the campaign.

  20. Informational Objectives • Were the publics well reached by the campaign? • Has there been a greater awareness of the Spotted Dog because of campaign efforts? • Attitudinal Objectives • What is the general public’s view of the Spotted Dog? • Is there an obvious need and advantage for having this organization in the community? • Behavioral Objectives • Are community members motivated to participate in this organization because of the organization’s purpose? • Is there an increase in consigners and general customers? Evaluation of Impact objectives

  21. The Evaluation will be Quantitatively measured in terms of: • The number of consigners. • The number of regular customers. Evaluation of Output Objectives

  22. The evaluation will also be Qualitatively measured in terms of: • What people are saying • Who is saying • How they are saying Things about Oasis and the Spotted Dog. Evaluation of Output Objectives Cont.

  23. The Conclusion