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Lorne Park Secondary School Grade 10 Option Selection 2013-2014

Lorne Park Secondary School Grade 10 Option Selection 2013-2014. Review of OSSD Requirements. O.S.S. Diploma Requirements 30 Credits (18 Compulsory, 12 Optional) 40 Hours of Community Involvement Successful completion of the Literacy Test. Types of Courses.

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Lorne Park Secondary School Grade 10 Option Selection 2013-2014

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  1. Lorne Park Secondary SchoolGrade 10 Option Selection2013-2014

  2. Review of OSSD Requirements • O.S.S. Diploma Requirements • 30 Credits (18 Compulsory, 12 Optional) • 40 Hours of Community Involvement • Successful completion of the Literacy Test

  3. Typesof Courses UUniversity Preparation Courses (former academic stream) - Designed to meet entrance requirements for university programs (ENG3U0 and ENG4U0) CCollege Preparation Courses (former applied stream) - Designed to prepare students to meet the requirements for college programs (ENG3C0 and ENG4C0)

  4. Typesof Courses -continued MUniversity/College Preparation Courses - Designed to prepare students to meet the entrance requirements for both university and college programs (AWQ3M0 and TGJ3M0) OOpen Level Courses - Appropriate for all students - Usually elective courses (PAL3OM or CGG3O0) EWorkplace Preparation Courses - Appropriate for students entering the workplace only (MEL3E0 and MEL4E0)

  5. University Pathway Students must have sixgrade 12 (U) or (M) level courses to qualify for university admission Examples: ENG4U0 or BOH4M0 Students should investigate grade 12 courses’ prerequisites before selecting grade 11 courses Do the research now: www.electronicinfo.ca Attend university presentations in lecture hall Gather university guide books (in guidance) and check websites Visit the universities

  6. College Pathway Students need a majority of grade 11 and 12 courses offered at the open (O), college (C), university/college level (M), or university (U) Marks of 65% or higher are typically requested for admission. May also require additional admission information, such as a portfolio, interview or an audition Workplace level programs are not recognized by the colleges as prerequisite courses (i.e. MEL3E0 or MEL4E0) Do the research now www.ontariocolleges.ca.Visit the colleges, gather guide books (in guidance). Visit the presentations at Lorne Park during lunch

  7. College and University Info College - OCAS website www.ontariocolleges.ca - OCAS Ontario Colleges booklet - individual college sites University - OUAC website www.ouac.on.ca - eInfo website www.electronicinfo.ca - individual university sites

  8. Math Pathways

  9. Math Pathways

  10. Science Courses

  11. Specialized Programs • Enhanced Program * Grade 11 Requirements – Must select at least one course offered at the enhanced level, example ENG3UE (New: Enhanced = a certificate) • Extended French Program * Grade 11 Requirements – Must take FEF3UX and one of CHW3MX or HSP3MX (need 7 = certificate) * Must already be in program to select course(s)

  12. Cooperative Education To select Co-op, choose course code COP4XC and submit a separate application (available in guidance or online) to the co-op teacher. Co-op is offered as a 4 credit package only Authentic experience for all students (College, University, Apprenticeship - Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program or OYAP). Credits can be used for college admission.

  13. Changing Levels Students requiring a level change (i.e. ENG2D0 to ENG3C0) are advised to make an appointment with their Guidance Counsellor to review requirements for potential post secondary pathways.

  14. Accessing the Online Course Selection Program Follow the instruction sheet available on our website (http://lorneparkss.peelschools.org) called Course Selection Process 2013/2014 Access to the On-line Course Selection will be available to students from December 10 to January 10, 2013. Students may make changes throughout this period. Don’t forget to click Submit to save any changes. Wait lists are in effect and are created according to the date you make your course selections

  15. Lorne Park Secondary School Website

  16. Click on Selection Chicklet

  17. Click Login

  18. Lorne Park student number = 6 digits (i.e. 654321)Password is your birthday = year/month/day (i.e. 971120)* See guidance for any login problems

  19. You will be prompted to change your password

  20. From Main Menu, check your Diploma Status

  21. Also check your Credit History

  22. Click on Choose Course

  23. Click on subject icons at top (sample of Math courses)

  24. Sample of Extended French courses

  25. Be sure to choose 8 courses. Click on Choose Again to make changes and Submit to save.

  26. Print your courses and have a parent sign below. Hand in form.

  27. Confirming Your Choices Students print the Student Course Verification Letter Parents willreview courses with you and sign the letter Return the signed Course Verification Letter to guidance by January 11, 2013

  28. Choosing Your Courses Students are asked to: Research all of their options carefully Talk to teachers who teach the course Attend our Course Selection Fair Thursday, Dec. 6 (periods 3 and 4) in the small gym Talk to students who have taken the course Get information regarding workload and the type of projects they will do (any presentations?) Select courses in which they will likely experience success Have a back-up plan in case things do not work out as expected Pay attention to post-secondary program requirements

  29. Refer to Courses at a Glance 2013-2014 on LP’s website

  30. Course Changes Changed your mind? Changes may be made anytime before June 1st (This means for any reason!) Changes will be permitted based on course availability (master timetable is set) "Change of mind" changes will notbedone in September

  31. Valid Reasons for September Course Changes The only timetable changes that will be done in September are for students who have problems such as: - course conflicts with another course - no prerequisite for chosen course due to a course failure in June - unforeseen health issue

  32. Career Planning Assessments www.careercruising.com http://www.peelschools.org/makingmyway/ www.myBlueprint.ca

  33. QUESTIONS or NEED HELP? Drop in at lunch without an appointment to talk to a counsellor or make an appointment

  34. Questions

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