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Crown Point High School

Crown Point High School

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Crown Point High School

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  1. Crown Point High School Navigating the College Admissions Process

  2. Welcome Parents! Please welcome our guests: Maureen Harangody Valparaiso University Char Connelly Indiana University Northwest

  3. WHAT IS THE NEXT STEP? There is so much to think about….. Where will I go to college? If I don’t go to college, what will I do? How do I apply for college? What if I don’t get in to the college of my choice? What about scholarships and financial aid?

  4. These are all good questions. The CPHS guidance department will help you with the following: • Reviewing “the next step” in your child’s high school career. • Reminding you of resources available at CPHS. • Time lines to help you organize plans for the future. • Important dates to remember.

  5. Your Child’s Transcript Has… • A list of classes taken • The grades received for each course • GPA, Class Rank • SAT/ACT and ISTEP scores • AP Scores

  6. SAT and ACT In the information provided SAT and ACT dates are listed, as well as how to register. JUNIOR STUDENTS SHOULD TAKE THE SAT IN JUNE. ALL JUNIORS WILL BE TAKING THE ACT AT CPHS IN APRIL. If your senior student has not yet taken the SAT or ACT, he/she can and should still apply to college early. The admission decision may be delayed, but at least they are in the pool!

  7. Applying for College In order to apply for college, you will need to do the following: • Apply On-line. Preferred by most colleges and universities. • Next, be sure to send student’s transcript, via the internet. Go to and request where transcript is to be sent. This service is FREE and allows colleges and universities to receive student transcripts without any delays. This includes the transcript and the secondary school report. • If anything needs to be sent from our office, please provide two stamps and an envelope addressed to the college or university. • If you are an athlete applying to a Div I or II school, you must register at

  8. Freshman Admission Criteria • Overall grades in academic coursework • Grades related to intended major • Strength of student’s overall high school curriculum • Trends in achievement • Class Rank • Overall GPA • Core GPA (English, math, lab science, foreign language)

  9. Admissions Criteria • SAT or ACT score (including writing) • Information provided by high school counselor or other school personnel • Time of year student applies • Space availability in the intended program

  10. Letters of Recommendation • Give the person sufficient time to do a good job and return the letter to the student in ample time to meet your deadline. • Have the name of the Scholarship or Application written down. • Also tell the person writing a letter what criteria needs to be addressed in the letter.

  11. College & Career Resource Room • Located in the guidance office is the College & Career Resource Room. • There are many resources to help with many aspects of your child’s post-secondary search, including courses of study and scholarship information. • In addition, SAT and ACT information is available.

  12. College Representatives • Various colleges representatives visit CPHS throughout the school year. They bring to students the most current information and details about what they have to offer and their admission requirements. • Students are advised to check the binder in the guidance office to see which reps will be here and when. Students can sign up to see as many reps as they wish.

  13. Collecting College Information • - College search made simple. Your first stop to kick-start your college and scholarship search • - National Association for College Admission Counseling. Offers national college fair information and articles about the college process • - Information about the SAT • - Information about the ACT test

  14. FINANCIAL AID NIGHT January 2013 CPHS AUDITORIUM (6:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.) A FAFSA representative will present information on the financial aid process. Be sure to check the CPHS website for the exact date and time.

  15. Additional Information • Guidance information pertaining to college admissions, college visits, financial aid, and scholarships will be available on our website and on our Twitter page @CPHSguidance

  16. PANEL DISCUSSION Maureen Harangody Valparaiso University Char Connelly Indiana University Northwest