give your rooms a makeover with oasis tiles n.
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Floor Tiles Manufacturers PowerPoint Presentation
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Floor Tiles Manufacturers

Floor Tiles Manufacturers

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Floor Tiles Manufacturers

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  1. Give your Rooms a Makeover with Oasis Tiles

  2. This festive season, Oasis Tiles - one of the leading ceramic Wall and Floor Tiles Manufacturers of India, has made it easy to give your house a quick makeover with the least efforts. A wise choice of floor and wall tiles is all you need to give your home an unexpectedly beautiful makeover. With a touch of creativity and colours, you can remodel your rooms and bring life to them like never before. Here’s how:

  3. NATURAL To add a natural touch to your home, pick your outdoor patio, pool, garden or parking space. You can remodel them with natural ceramic floor tiles. If you wish to add a natural touch to your living rooms or bedroom, Oasis Tiles has an eco-friendly collection called Foresta which is the perfect floor for your rooms. Wooden finish tiles or wooden strips usually fail to imitate nature appropriately. But the strips that are developed under foresta hold deep ingrained wooden impression.

  4. MODERN To make your room more stylish and modern, the trick is to give it a contemporary touch. Modern trends feature bold colours and contrasts. Aspero Tiles by Oasis Tiles feature matte-finish tiles to add an element of boldness to a simple room. When your room is filled with light shades and pale furniture or decor, Aspero tiles perfectly contrast and thus complement the overall feel of your room. Complete any room with the power of contrast and boldness that act as a perfect finishing touch.

  5. SUBTLE Subtle taste is the most common when it comes to picking ceramic tiles for bedrooms. Subtle colours and tiles bring an element of comfort and add peace to the overall ambience. They usually involve light coloured patterns on the walls and floor tiles. Our Oslim Tiles give a perfect impression to detailed and cosyhouses. They have a natural appeal and a sound finesse apart from being wear & tear resistant. Subtle yet detailed, these tiles often fall in the darker palette suitable for any cosy and luxurious room.

  6. ELEGANT • If you aim to achieve the elegant look for your house that leave people awestruck, Oasis Tiles - one of the leading ceramic Floor Tiles Manufacturers in India, offers a special range of tiles catered for you. There is no denying the fact that Sugar Finish Tiles by Oasis Tiles are loved and preferred by all, due to their unique surface beauty. Oasis Tiles has added a special touch of stability and fashion to the already dynamic sugar finish to provide you a series that can communicate both royalty and contemporary elegance in one go.


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