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for my media lab project(:

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  1. Topic Subject: Porcupines Creator: Amy Le

  2. Danger Porcupine quills can be fatal.

  3. Many, many, many... About 30,000 quills per porcupine

  4. Description Porcupine fur looks a lot like quills

  5. Myths Porcupines do not shoot out their quills

  6. Characteristics • Small, round body • Tiny ears • Short, stubby tail

  7. Living Enviornment • Bushes • Rocks • Hollow Logs • Burrows

  8. Habitat • Forests • Deserts • Rocky Outcrops • Hillsides • Grasslands

  9. Where in the World? • North America • South America • Africa • Europe • Asia

  10. Diet • Roots • Tubers • Buds • Leaves • Bark • Fallen Fruit

  11. Night Vision... They are nocturnal

  12. Hibernation Porcupines do not hibernate

  13. Fast Facts • Body Length: 20 to 36 inches (Not including the tail • Length of Tail: 6 to 11 inches • Diet: Vegetarian • Weight: 8 to 22 pounds • Places of the World: North America, South America, Africa, Europe, Asia • Class: Mammal • Order: Rodent

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