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  1. SYNCHRONICITY • Traditional Chinese Medicine • Consultants & Retailers • For Appointments - 304-927-0000

  2. Whenapersonishealthy,illnesses are quicklyresolved, and thus a dynamicequilibrium ismaintained; butwhen this equilibrium isdamaged, andnot restored, disease and can take root in our system. Preliminary notes on TCM • TraditionalChineseMedicineexplainshealthasconstantchangesinastateofharmony. • Thisbalanceisbeingcontinuouslybroken, duetoourdailyactivities, lifestyle andinfluencesintheoutside environment.

  3. TraditionalChineseMedicine... • It must be understood that in herbal medicine disease is not seen nor treated as a separate entity and therefore is not addressed as such. What some call disease is actually an interrelated set of underlying conditions manifesting a specific set of symptoms. • Traditional Chinese Medicine is a system of preserving health and curing disease that treats the mind/body/spirit as a whole. Its primary goal is to maintain balance and restore harmony in the entire human being. • This dynamic balance between opposing forces, known as Yin/Yang, is the on-going process of creation and destruction. It is the natural order of the universe and of a person’s inner being.

  4. ApproachesinTreatment... • Chinese philosophy as well as Chinese medicine accept suffering, illness, and disease as part of the human condition, and in contrast to Western medicine treat ill health, and not just symptoms. • The aim of treatment using TCM principles is the speedy relief of the client’s symptoms, but not by mere symptomatic suppression. Rather, symptomatic treatment is coordinated with a rebalancing of the underlying energetic imbalance believed to be at the root of the condition. • To comprehend how the principles work, we must also understand that the herbs or formulas recommended by a practitioner of TCM are chosen according to how they affect Chi.

  5. What is Chi ? • Chi, can best be defined as the vital spark of life…the energy present in all the organs of the body. The approach to illness, disease and subsequent treatment in TCM stems from the perception of us in a fluid physical and energetic universe. Internal organs and their functions are explained in terms of energy required to make them work effectively, their relation to the laws of thermodynamics is very close. • Chinese medicine accepts a totality of body/mind/spirit, and as such, natural processes are explained not in terms of biochemistry, but as changes in the quality, quantity, and directional flow of vital energy, and good health is dependent upon the smooth flow of that energy, or Chi.

  6. An Open Invitation... • Practicing these principles we cordially welcome you to exploring and expanding your concept of healing...

  7. Our Pro bono site...Ask the Oriental Herbalist • WELCOMES PRELIMINARY INQUIRIES, COME VISIT US SOON ! •

  8. For comprehensive diagnostic inquiries and a view at our catalog, visit us at: • Synchronicity - TCM at : • • Email:

  9. SYNCHRONICITY / HERBS UNLIMITED • A firm dedicated to combining knowledge with experience, scientific research, and a commitment to health quality and nutrition. We adhere to and maintain the Code of Ethics prescribed by the AMA, and comply with all Public Health regulations. • For appointments please call : • 1-304- 927-0000