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FSG Integrated Services

FSG Integrated Services. Philip Elam July 23, 2003. Popular ATM Channel Management. The Impact of Synergies. * End to End Solution. * Cost Reductions. * SLM already in place. Popular ATM Channel Management . Customer Request Provide IM Reduce our costs Currently spending RD$ 3.4M on FLM

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FSG Integrated Services

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  1. FSG Integrated Services Philip ElamJuly 23, 2003

  2. Popular ATM Channel Management The Impact of Synergies * End to End Solution * Cost Reductions * SLM already in place NCR Confidential

  3. Popular ATM Channel Management • Customer Request • Provide IM • Reduce our costs • Currently spending RD$ 3.4M on FLM • NCR Response • Bundled services • IM • FLM • SLM • Sell SNMP OS/2 agent - bypassing switch NCR Confidential

  4. Option 1 Internal NCR Customer Site NCR Dayton Existing Internet Connection Existing Able to handle additional 32k traffic VPN Switch • Note : • VPN switch only required if encryption needed • No SLA for this connection • ISP bandwidth managed by customer VPN Switch NCR Dom Rep NCR Dom Rep. Office Upgrade existing PVC 256K to support VoFR 5 inbound VoFR calls Upgrade existing Port/PVC VoFR with 64k NCR WAN Ext. Rtrs Existing WAN Capacity leveraged for 6 months NCR Columbia, SC Local Telco Provider Extranet Customer Connections Represents VPN Tunnel paths NCR Confidential

  5. Popular ATM Channel Management • Popular view on deal • $203 bundled service on total opportunity • Competition offering US$100 on total of 3 services • Request FLM in local currency • NCR view of deal • Offering best value of money on total service • Total bundled service 18% off original offer • Offer FLM in local currency indexed to inflation NCR Confidential

  6. Popular ATM Channel Management • At RD$31 exchange rate • Additional cost of RD$867,555 per year • At RD$25 exchange rate • Cost savings of RD$ 1.5M per year • Bank cost estimated at RD$5.6M • Holding for 5 year contract • Bill in local currently for FLM indexed to inflation NCR Confidential

  7. ATM Channel Management Services Offer Components • First Line Maintenance • Second Line Maintenance • NCR • Multi-vendor (Diebold) • Incident Management (Requires OQR) • Currency Management (Under investigation) Proposed Ancillary Offer • Cabin Service NCR Confidential

  8. Service Offer Scope Card Jam Removal Clearing of paper jam Clear receipt roll jams Check for functional operation of receipt, journal and depository printers and ribbons General cleaning of the external ATM chassis Emergency consumables replenishment (receipt and journal paper only and if on-site in the ATM – no deposit envelopes) Report low consumables Replace PPD print head during course of service call, if on-site FLM offered w/o SLM (Based on Multi-Vendor SLM market penetration strategy) Out of Scope Software problem diagnostics (manual ATM resets) Communication problems Standard paper replenishment (move to CIT) Clearing currency jams if access to the safe is required (SLM) ATM decals (advertisement) replacement ACM First Line Maintenance NCR Confidential

  9. Manage Scope/ Unlimited Call Volume Estimated 1.5 call per month per ATM No Manual ATM Resets (Blocked ATMs) Emergency Consumables Replenishment Only (Consumables On-site) US released pricing with C/LA discount and C/LA country multiplier Based on 20 minutes average per call with 40 minutes average travel Competition from CIT $37 per month/ATM (Mexico) $34 per month/ATM (Chile) Large ATM network price negotiated at bid review based on volume, cost and competitive pressures Expanded Scope / Unlimited Call Volume Includes Manual ATM Resets (Blocked ATMs) Estimated 2 call per month per ATM Call Packs option - customer chooses the volume of calls per month per ATM to reflect actual history – US moving to call pack pricing US released pricing with C/LA discount and C/LA country multiplier ACM First Line Maintenance NCR Confidential

  10. Average 1.05 incidents per month per ATM base upon FLM scope of service Average 12.61 annual incident rate per ATM Projected target of 1.5 incidents per month per ATM Increase target projection if; Scope creep FLM being provided without SLM Cash & Charge on issues created by CIT FLM SCMY NCR Confidential

  11. FLM Bucket Pricing Model Example NCR Confidential

  12. FLM Bucket Pricing Model Example Assumptions • Assumes 1.2 multiplier on GRMR (Mexico) • Blended fully loaded FLM labor rate for Mexico is $14. Following P&L is fully burdened and fully allocated. (5.5% OCOR & 12.4% SG&A) • Labor only offer – assumes no requirement for KABA MAS electronic locks or security escorts (NCR) • NCR assumes no liability • Assumed 20 minutes on-site repair time & 40 minute travel – Zone 1 locations NCR Confidential

  13. ACM First Line Maintenance Lessons Learned • Don’t create a money pit • FLM not First Response • Defined scope of service in contract • Manage to scope • Limits total number of FLM incidents • Cash & Charge for out-of-scope as defined in contract • Fix without tools • Paper needs to be on-site at the ATM delivered by CIT • Do not treat as part NCR Confidential

  14. ACM Second Line Maintenance • Standard Scope of Service • Pricing consideration for outside Zone 1 • Zone pricing implementation • Bundled pricing for ACM (SLM/FLM/IM) services • Minimize customer price comparison per service • Value proposition – one vendor • Multi-Vendor Services • Target Diebold • SPIFF for SSS on MVS NCR Confidential

  15. SLM Uplift/Downlift Structure • Use existing Uplift/ Downlift Structure for DBD Multi Vendor Maintenance Opportunities • RED TEXT denotes standard Defaults NCR Confidential

  16. ACM Second Line Maintenance NCR Confidential

  17. ACM Incident Management • Target Top 17 accounts in C/LA • Release in D1 countries with Market potential Brazil, Argentina (convert to C/LA offer), Mexico and Puerto Rico • Address Colombia IM offer • Continue with motion in Dominican Republic (Popular) • Address potential channel conflict with FSD Gasper Sales • Determine Sales Resources – Specialization preferred (SSC) or ITIS • ATM Channel Management Levels • Basic - FLM/SLM (including Multi-vendor) • Enhanced - FLM, SLM, Incident Management • Premium - FLM, SLM, Incident Management, Currency Management and Help Desk NCR Confidential

  18. ACM Incident Management • Three Models of Delivery • Remote Connect to AMC Columbia, SC (Dayton bunker) Via Router at Host/Switch for Gasper processing • ATM Monitoring, dispatching and SLA management is performed in country, where labor / communications cost dictate • ATM Channel Management Center consolidation in country where market potential and cost dictates, e.g. Mexico, or Argentina • Facilities Management • Customer has already invested in Gasper system and infrastructure • Mexico • Chile (Red Bank/Switch) • Service to be delivered from NCR office not customer site NCR Confidential

  19. ACM Incident Management NCR Confidential

  20. Browser Workstation NCR Confidential

  21. Issues and Risks • Standardize service delivery of ATM CM Offers across C/LA • Approval for C/LA ATM CM strategy from Governess Board • Continue with OQR • SAM assignment • Implementation of D1 in C-Star countries • Dominican Republic • Chile • Colombia • Peru • Cabin Services as a viable offer NCR Confidential

  22. FSD Integrated Services Question & Answer NCR Confidential

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