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HALF FANATIC NEWSLETTER February 2012 PowerPoint Presentation
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  1. HALF FANATIC NEWSLETTER February 2012 Half Fanatics at the Gasparilla Half

  2. Half Fanatics Reporting In! Tikka Wright HF#1375

  3. Half Fanatic #1125 Michelle Black has run 26 half marathons since her very first one in July 2010. Her best streak is 9 halfs in 365 days. Of course, that is just so far. The Tri-Cities Half Marathon on Sunday, February 26 was cold and windy! There were nine of us from a group that we call "Fit Fifty" that are all trying to meet criteria to become Half Fanatics like me! We enjoy meeting up at these half marathons and sharing our successes. Being a Half Fanatic has kept me motivated to continue to train and sign up for races. # 1651 Irene Gonzales

  4. Reporting on Lace it up Against Breast Cancer Half Marathon in Rochester, MN held on February 12, 2012. This was my 5th half marathon and the smallest I've ever done and I loved it! The finishers medal was the dog tag style shown in the picture with the bib and gloves. Finishers that placed in the top three of their age group got really nice medals. Instead of a finishers shirt they gave away some nice gloves. This race was held on my birthday. I also ran a 5 mile race the day before so this was my first back to back racing as well. It was probably the coldest weekend so far this winter as well but I was happy to find a race on my birthday so Happy Birthday to me! I was the only fanatic that I know that ran the race. I did meet a group of really nice runners from a local running club called Team R.E.D. I think I made some new running friends. It was a great course almost completely on bike paths along rivers and around a lake in Rochester, MN. I didn't know they had such an extensive trail system, it was really nice! The parking was great and the race started and ended at Mayo High School which was really nice. Lots of room, and indoor bathrooms. My favorite part was the delicious HOT SOUP at the finish inside the high school. It was also great cause. I would definitely run this race again and I'd highly recommend it to other fellow Fanatics! Ruth Walsh HF #607

  5. Half Fanatics #1058 Dan Delino, #1043 Karen Flynn, #645 Joey Nagel and #600 SefCuesico with Marathon Maniacs at the Carlsbad half. Above: #1059 Alma Feldspausch and #485 Kim Reed Above: #867 Debi Lantzer with Kamika Smith Right: #86 Deb Evdemon

  6. #792 Sherry Coffield #159 StephBradsher and #1520 AndleebDombrowski #302 Penny Sprague #1718 Caitlyn Connolly

  7. #1107 Christian Pratt #1759 Ken LeBoutillier, #960 Gina Felise, #272 Jenna O’Horan Decisions, decisions…#933 Abbi Florence #579 Lisa Rossello and #299 Tracy Goggin #374 Dave Mari and #579 Lisa Rossello #1043 Karen Flynn and #1058 Dan Delino

  8. Fanatics at Surf City Above: #1007 Cathy Pittnger and #832 Rita McKenzie Above: #1541 Stephanie Loomis And Lori Furr Right: #1605 Darlene Baltimore

  9. #1574 CeridanLewin #51 Byron Kaelin and #52 Lou Kaelin arrive on Earth!

  10. Congratulations to all our Half Fanatics that have travelled near and far!

  11. Welcome New Fanatics! #1921 Kerri Considine #1872 Catie Procuniar #1936 Sabrina Hill #1942 Julie Chapman #1897 Gale Riffle #1989 Serene Simmons

  12. #1934 Fred Wagner #1812 Monica and #1912 Aaron Kennedy Middle Row Left: #2002 Jaron Davenport Middle: #1982 Beth Hardy Right: #1707 Kelley Hollinger Right: #1810 Tracey Boyd (Bid# 13100)

  13. #1948 Kristen Schuldt The month of February saw the Half Fanatics add 95 more members. Welcome to all our new Half Fanatics! Sorry this edition took so long to get out. Personal reasons, both good ones and bad ones, kept me from finishing the newsletter in a timely manner. Thank you for your patience! The next issue will combine March and April . As always, send your pictures, promotions and race reports to Thanks again, Suzanne Potts #12