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Inter-American Investment Corporation IDB Business Seminar: Education & Health Thursday, July 15, 2004 PowerPoint Presentation
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Inter-American Investment Corporation IDB Business Seminar: Education & Health Thursday, July 15, 2004

Inter-American Investment Corporation IDB Business Seminar: Education & Health Thursday, July 15, 2004

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Inter-American Investment Corporation IDB Business Seminar: Education & Health Thursday, July 15, 2004

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  1. Inter-American Investment Corporation IDB Business Seminar: Education & Health Thursday, July 15, 2004 David Levy, Investment Officer Emilio Lozoya, Special Projects (202) 623-3969 (202) 623-3926

  2. The Inter-American Investment Corporation(IIC) is the financial institution of the IDB Group that supports private enterprises in Latin America and the Caribbean, primarily by providing financing in the form of loans and equity investments. What is the Inter-American Investment Corporation?

  3. Inter-American Investment Corporation (IIC) Multilateral Investment Fund (MIF) Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) IDB Group The IDB Group is comprised of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), the Inter-American Investment Corporation (IIC) and the Multilateral Investment Fund (MIF). IDB GROUP The IIC is legally autonomous and its resources and management are independent from those of the Inter-American Development Bank.

  4. The IIC serves private enterprises directly by means of: Direct Products • Short-, medium- and long-term loans • Syndicated loans • Cuasi-capital and capital investments • Guarantees for loans and security issuances

  5. Indirectly, i.e., through private financial intermediaries, the IIC serves small and medium enterprises with the following products: Products Provided through Financial Intermediaries • Lines for project expansions • Working capital lines • Financial and operating lease lines • Trade finance lines • Refinancing lines • Syndicated loans • Agency lines • Guarantees for loans and security issuances

  6. Financing programs Other Products and Services Provided • Supply chains • Cofinancing with development agencies • Structured loans: • Export financing • Project Finance • Participation in investment funds • Advisory services

  7. Bank IIC Foundation Univ. GUARANTEE STRUCTURE Catholic University Local Bank-with IIC guarantee Local Bank Garantes 50% of the loan Loan with Guarantee-Conditions: Term: 7 years Grace Period: 2 years Interest Rate: 25% IIC Guarantee Loan Conditions previous IIC guarantee: Term: 5 Years Grace Period: 1 Year Interest Rate: 38% Bank Building Renting $ Loan $ Repayment Foundation UNIV. $ pays building renting

  8. Regional Offices and Central Headquarters Headquarters in Washington, DC. Central America: San José, Costa Rica Andean Region: Bogotá, Colombia The IIC serves its clients in Latin America and the Caribbean with a team of highly qualified professionals based in its regional offices and Headquarters. Southern Cone: Montevideo, Uruguay

  9. Clients and Projects The IIC supports and accompanies its clients in their financing and development needsby means of long-term relationships.

  10. San Salvador, El Salvador Through an operating lease, the IIC assisted an advertising agency in procuring computer equipment that will enable the agency to operate competitively. Clients and Projects

  11. Guatemala, Guatemala Falcón, Venezuela By means of an operating lease, the IIC enabled a local business to operate a chain of ice cream shops, together with a plant to manufacture raw materials. The IIC supports the local private enterprise. IIC financing has contributed to the development of this Venezuelan organization, which exports shrimp to the United States and Europe. Clients and Projects

  12. Venecia, Costa Rica Operation though local banks to provide a loan to a farm that produces tropical fruit for export. Clients and Projects La Paz, Bolivia The IIC supports a wood products expansion project that generates both employment and foreign exchange by exporting furniture to the United States, with strict controls in terms of environmental impact.

  13. San José, Costa Rica Sao Paulo, Brasil The IIC provided financing to Universidad Latina to equip its computer and dentistry laboratories. Through the purchase of mortgage-backed securities, the IIC financed the construction of 1,288 houses. Clients and Projects

  14. Clients interested in submitting a financing request should send the following information to the IIC: Steps for Obtaining Financing • Project Inquiry Form (see • Audited historic financial information and financial projections

  15. Approval by the Board of Directors Initial project review based on the information submitted Analysis and preparation of Initial Credit Proposal (ICP) Execution of agreements, establishment of security, monitoring plan and disbursements 3 Field Appraisal •Technical evaluation by a sector specialist •Financial, environmental and legal evaluation •Negotiation of terms and conditions Analysis and preparation of the Final Credit Proposal 1 2 4 5 6 Timeline for Processing the Application Following receipt of the information required, processing of the application will take approximately three to five months:

  16. Short-, medium- and long-term financing on competitive terms Advantages of Working with the IIC • Allows businesses to better plan their growth and development within a solid financial framework (products/specific need) • Improved environmental management • Increased ability to access financing • Improved corporate governance

  17. UNIVA Mr. Sotero Arizu, Division Chief, a.i. New Business Development Division (202) 623-3907 ABC HOSPITAL Mrs. Cecilia Savastano, Investment Officer Corporate Finance Division (202) 623-3961 Contact Information UNIVA and ABC Hospital

  18. More information is available at the following website: