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Local District 5 Principals’ Meeting PowerPoint Presentation
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Local District 5 Principals’ Meeting

Local District 5 Principals’ Meeting

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Local District 5 Principals’ Meeting

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  1. Local District 5 Principals’ Meeting April 15, 2009

  2. Updates • Budget Update • Report Card Survey • EL Issues • LD5 Happenings…

  3. Budget Update • Board Meeting #1 of April 14th • Rescission of Reduction in Force (RIF) Notices to Permanent Certificated Teachers • 1,996 permanent elementary teachers will not be laid off. • Still on the RIF List are: • 1,605 non-permanent elementary teachers • 1,872 non-permanent secondary teachers • 498 non-permanent support personnel • 1,875 certificated administrators

  4. Budget Update • Board Meeting #2 of April 14, 2009 • Vote made 4/3 in favor of the adoption of recommended staffing reductions for 2009-10 • Recommends approval of personnel reductions and the changing of class size and staffing allocation policies to schools resulting in the reduction of 7,300 school positions and 1,240 central and local district positions. • Discussions will take place during next two weeks to determine whether some proposed cuts can be changed.

  5. Budget Issues • Demotions in Lieu of Layoff for Classified Positions • Employees who take voluntary demotions to fill vacant positions in order to remain at their location can do so. • This also preserves their re-employment rights to their former classification. • Instructional Coaches • Review April 8th Memo regarding coach positions for 2009-2010.

  6. Budget Issues • School budgets will be forthcoming in the next two weeks. • $270 million in stimulus and decentralized programs money can be used to buy back as many as 3,167 teaching, counseling, coach and other positions. • All schools: strategize with school leadership team. • PI - 35 schools: work with directors to ensure approval of school budget.

  7. Report Card Survey

  8. English Learner Issues

  9. Corrective Action Implementation

  10. Policy AYP Data Review Program Improvement LEA Plan Year 3—Corrective Action 1

  11. English Learner Subgroup Self Assessment ELSSA 2008-2009

  12. Performance on the CELDT LAUSD 2008-2009

  13. Blue Handout

  14. Performance on the CELDT Local District 5 2008-2009

  15. Yellow Handout

  16. Individual school data will be reviewed during the Instructional Update for further analysis and discussion…

  17. LD5 Happenings…

  18. Congratulations • Maria Torres-Flores and the staff and students from Bravo Medical Magnet. Bravo is one of eleven schools in the LAUSD area that received recognition as a 2009 California Distinguished School by the California Department of Education. This is an honor that recognizes exemplary educational programs and academic excellence.

  19. Congratulations • Art Duardo and the staff from El Sereno MS. On March 7th, Computers for Youth (CFY) launched its first program in LA. CFY provided free computers, known as home learning centers, to all sixth graders and their families who attended a Family Learning Workshop on one of three Saturdays in March. CFY is built on the belief that the home holds the greatest untapped potential for improving children’s academic and life-long success.

  20. Congratulations • Roberto Martinez and the staff from Wilson High School. On March 16th, the school celebrated the grand opening of the state-of-the-art transportation academy. The Transportation Careers Academy (TCAP) provides cross-disciplinary instruction in the principle, practices, and workplace requirements of the transportation industry.

  21. Congratulations • Robert Martinez and the staff from Marianna Elementary School. On March 20th, the school was joined by civic leaders, friends and benefactors to celebrate the opening of the school’s new, high-tech “Wonder of Reading” library. Marianna School is the 200th Wonder of Reading Library in Southern California.

  22. Congratulations • Elaine Fujiu on her successful Parent College Event. On March 25th, a field trip to USC, Elaine’s alma mater, involved parents in conversations with the Admissions Adviser and Financial Aid Adviser with translations through two bilingual student tour guides. Five USC students joined the parents for lunch and shared their own personal experiences. The parents left the campus with a much deeper understanding of college life and a vision for their own children’s future.

  23. Congratulations • Juan Flecha and the staff from Jefferson HS. Jefferson will be honored with a $10,000 prize for its environmental achievements through a program sponsored by Grammy Award - winning recording artist, Alicia Keys, and luxury auto maker Lexus. The “Keys to Innovation Program” grant supports environmental efforts. Jefferson’s plan is to construct a native-plant garden space on campus for students and faculty which will be used as an outdoor science lab, testing the effects of the sun or diesel fumes on plants.

  24. Thomas Jefferson High School A low water green space to better our South LA high school and community in many ways…

  25. How can green space help the status of our South Central Los Angeles high school? Outdoorspaces and gardens offer a calm place for our fellow students and beautify our campus • In 2005, overcrowded conditions on our campus exasperated racial tensions resulting in student melees that spread throughout LAUSD • 35% of South LA HS students in a recent university poll feel unsafe in school exhibiting symptoms of depression

  26. Green space helps improve air conditions We can use the green space as a way to improve the air conditions at Jefferson, because of the factory located on Compton. • The fumes and carbon dioxide released by the company trucks, flows into the school and is breathed in by the students Trucks pulling into meat packing plant adjacent the school green space site

  27. Our plan: Construct a native plant garden This is the chosen site

  28. A student computer design of our after plan:

  29. Our students will research and plant more native and other low water plants that will need less maintenance with the guidance of the Common Ground Master Gardener program and the Roots and Shoots Service learning project

  30. Our art classes will design tile mosaics and pathways for our garden with environmental messages • What we want to do is to decorate our garden with mosaics, a fountain and new benches.

  31. Harmony Elementary School will join our students and learn how to plant Our partner elementary school Harmony will work with our students learn to care and get involved to better the environment. They will start at an early age to know how to better the world even by doing something this small. 2 3 4 5 Five simple steps to plant, it will be a great learning opportunity for the elementary students and the high school students who will teach them. And it will benefit the garden as well. Everyone wins!!!!

  32. Use our garden for school activities The International Fair was held at the site this year and last year showing that it’s a place for students to learn and lighten up. Imagine how much students can learn about the native habitats in their improved outdoor learning lab.

  33. Using our new green space as an outdoor science lab • Labs that can done outside in the garden: • Test the affects of the sun in certain plants • What certain elements are found within the garden • The effect of fertilizer utilized in plants and how they survive differently • The affect of diesel fumes that are spread by trucks in the meat packing company across the street. • Activities for the elementary kids • They can water the plants when needed and they will learn that the native plants in the garden are plants that don’t really need water • They will learn the correct procedure to plant a plant and the things needed for a plant to survive • They can also create a habitat for different types of species. For instance birds and butterflies • They can do art projects and create pots and mosaic art around the concrete in the garden

  34. Thank you Lexus Corporation and Alicia Keys! • Presentation by the Environmental Club of Thomas Jefferson High School, South Los Angeles, California

  35. Congratulations • Brenda Morton and the staff from Ramona CDS. On Thursday, April 2nd, the school said farewell to its 50-year old school in preparation for moving to the new site in mid April. Former staff, students, parents and friends were available for the celebration.

  36. Watching Student Produced Video