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The Railroaders

The Railroaders

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The Railroaders

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  1. The Railroaders Based on a true story 1984, Crewe, Cheshire, England

  2. The Railroaders A sports comedy/drama Screenplay by Gary Delaney

  3. The Railroaders In 1982 American Football did not exist as a sport in Great Britain. That was until Channel 4 started broadcasting NFL highlights on Sunday evenings. By 1984 a few fledging clubs had started to emerge across the country. In November of that year, an ordinary English housewife made a small mistake that would ultimately give birth to an American Football team in Cheshire. This is the true story that follows the first year of The Crewe Railroaders American Football Team.

  4. The Railroaders Hi. This is me Gary Delaney, 24 years old in 1984. Ordinary working class bloke, deep in debt and involved in a strained marriage. I started the Crewe Railroaders American Football Team. I was the Owner, Head Coach and Wide Receiver. Only one problem…. I knew nothing about American Football !

  5. The Railroaders January 1985 I had a stroke of genius. As Owner I appointed James Dupree, a Black African American from Philadelphia as our Head Coach. One slight problem – He knew nothing about American Football either! But hey, he was American and the players didn’t know, they did anything he told them. We were a negative of what was happening in the NFL. We were a team of white beer drinking players with a black Head Coach. But this is England what do you expect

  6. The Railroaders By Spring 1985 we were developing nicely. We had an owner who knew nothing about the game. We had an American Head Coach who knew only what he had seen on TV. Our team Physio knew nothing about Sports injuries and damaged more players than he cured. We had Cheerleaders who couldn’t dance or sing and we had 30 kitted players who hadn’t got a clue what they were doing. Yeah, things were going well.

  7. The Railroaders Despite everything, by June we played our first ever game. It was a pre-season friendly and we got whooped 12-56. That’s me on the left. I broke my arm during the game and spent most of the day in hospital. It ruled me out for the whole season. Great!!!

  8. The Railroaders The pre-season loss was a wake up call for us all. We put in a lot of hard work before the beginning of the regular season. Our first game was away at Hereford and we won 70-0. We discovered that we were actually quite good at this Gridiron stuff. How did the rest of the season go and how does the story end? Well you will have to get involved with the movie to find out!!

  9. The Railroaders Little did I know back in 1984 that I wasn’t just about to create an American Football team but a family. 22 years on we still get together and talk about what we call the best days of our lives. We were part of a unique piece of sports history by being involved in the first ever season played in the United Kingdom. We were and still are.. The Crewe Railroaders

  10. The Railroaders Movie If this is a project you would like to get involved with in any shape or form, I would really value your input. Or if you would like any further information please contact Gary Delaney UK Tel: +44(0)1952 249911