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smoking and drug abuse


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smoking and drug abuse

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  1. My own words . • These are some of the reasons people should not take drugs. • The harmful effects can be long term if lucky short term it all depends on what your taking • The best way is to never smoke example cigars cigarettes. So do not smoke or take drugs you dont want to be high or stoned

  2. Long term affects. • tremors • feelings of tiredness • constant thirst • facial sores • memory loss • personality changes • irritability • stupor or coma • Seizures • irregular heartbeat • problems with breathing • brain and Pale appearance and weight loss • nerve damage.

  3. These are solvents in fags+drugs

  4. These are some solvents in fags+drugs. • butane gas cigarette lighter refills • liquefied domestic gas • solvent based adhesive • deodorant aerosols • pain relief sprays • aerosol air fresheners

  5. These are more solvents. Health Effects While hairsprays no longer contain vinyl chloride or methylene chloride, ingredients in many formulations may still cause adverse health effects in susceptible individuals. According to the Centers for Disease Control, it is not known whether propylene glycol--a common hairspray ingredient--has cancer-causing properties, as it has not been classified for carcinogenity • hairsprays • some typewriter correction fluids • petrol • certain paints, paint thinners, and removers • dry cleaning agents • petrol lighter fuel • nail polish and polish remover A 13 year-old boy was inhaling fumes from cleaning fluid and became ill a few minutes afterwards. Witnesses alerted the parents, and the victim was hospitalized and placed on life support systems. He died 24 hours after the incident Brain damage, liver damage, kidney failure, lung cancer, leukemia. Petrol is as intoxicating as glue, alcohol, or paint. You should take control of your son's problem IMMEDIATELY. Immediately after inhaling them, an individual may experience headaches, breathing problems, nausea, dizziness, and a burning of the eyes The use of chemicals is the primary hazard in a dry cleaner. Almost all dry cleaning is done with perchlorethylene (PERC), a solvent. Inhaling PERC can lead to serious health effects such as liver and kidney damage, dizziness, headache, sleepiness, confusion, nausea, difficulty in speaking and walking, unconsciousness, and death. PERC is also a suspected carcinogen. Inhaled chemicals can cause chemical pneumonia - where the chemicals damage the lung tissues and trigger an edema within the lungs, so they begin to fill with fluid. This can be VERY dangerous - fatal Nail polish remover is an inhalant, and yes, you can die from inhaling too much of it. Sniffing any type of inhalent causes brain cells to die which leads to brain damage. IS A 10 MINUTE BUZZ WORTH THE RISK!!!!

  6. These are some of the harmful ingredients in cigarettes • Acetic Acid: vinegar • Acetone: nail polish remover • Ammonia: cleaning agent • Arsenic: poison, used as an insecticide • Butane: lighter fluid • Cadmium: found in batteries • DDT: insecticide outlawed by the US Government in the 1970’s because of human • teratogenic (birth defect) properties • Ethanol: alcohol • Formaldehyde: substance used to preserve body tissue; a known carcinogen • Hexamine: barbecue lighter • Hydrogen cyanide: gas chamber poison • Methanol: rocket fuel • Naphthalene: moth balls • Nitrobenzene: gasoline additive • Toluene: an industrial solvent • Vinyl chloride: plastic piping

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