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How to Avoid Fee on Changing and Cancellation of Airlines PowerPoint Presentation
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How to Avoid Fee on Changing and Cancellation of Airlines

How to Avoid Fee on Changing and Cancellation of Airlines

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How to Avoid Fee on Changing and Cancellation of Airlines

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  1. How to Avoid Fee on Changing and Cancellation of Airline

  2. Be Smart While Selecting an Airline • Airlines have always try to fool people by imposing heavy cancellation and flight change charges. • Always aware of the policies you’ll be paying outrageous fee.

  3. Never Rush Paying the Change and Cancellation Fee • Just remember, flights get delayed, cancelled and even face a change in the schedule, in this situation the passengers are qualified to receive a 100% refund so, don’t rush away to change or cancel the ticket unless you absolutely have to. • Sometimes bad weathers or natural disaster cause change in the flight schedule too hence airlines are forced to announce waivers on changing the flight.

  4. Provide a Good Reason to Change • Sometimes by giving airlines a genuine or good reason, you can avail a waiver in cancellation or changing fee. • Situations like you’re sick, or some deceased in your family or close to you and in case of hurricane, earthquake Tsunami, etc.

  5. Flight Change and Cancellation Policies of Different - Different Airlines

  6. Alaska Airlines: • Alaska only charges $125 for flight change and cancellation. • No Charge for flights change within the state. • Same Day Flight Change Charges is $50.

  7. American Airlines: • American airlines change $200 for domestic flights. • For International flights the amount jumps up to $750. • Same Day Flight Change Charges from $75 to $750.

  8. Allegiant Airlines: • Allegiant Airlines change $75 for each traveler. • There’s also an additional service Trip Flex. • That lets you change flights even until one hour prior to departure.

  9. Delta Airlines: • Delta Airlines change $200 for Domestic flights. • For International Flights you have to pay $500. • Delta Skymiles elite members can get free of cost same day changes.

  10. Frontier Airlines: • Paid economy class passenger will have to pay $99 change. • All Members under ‘The Work’ program get changes done for free.

  11. Hawaiian Airlines: • $200 for Domestic Flight Change. • $50-$300 for International Flight Change. • $30 for flights within the Hawaiian Island.

  12. JetBlue Airlines: • It's $75 for tickets having value below $100. • They Charge $100 for tickets have value below $150. • $100 for tickets having value above $150.

  13. Spirit Airlines: • $90 charges for online booked tickets. • $100 charges for bookings through call and from the counter. • No fee over change and cancellation made within 24 hours of booking.

  14. Southwest Airlines: • No charges for cancellation and flight change. • You have to pay the fare difference if changed ticket . • You will receive credit as well if the prices are down.

  15. United Airlines: • United Airlines flight change charge $200 for domestic flights. • You have to pay up to $400 for International flights. • Members under miles program receive waiver of $75.

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