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Keyless Door Locks - Why You Need Them in Today's World

Keyless Door Locks - Why You Need Them in Today's World

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Keyless Door Locks - Why You Need Them in Today's World

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  1. In today's world, it takes more than one job for a parent to meet up with family responsibilities. This is a different case entirely for single-parents. They have to work twice as hard. But too much work and little rest is not the only thing a parent should lose sleep over. There is also the tendency that parents would spend less time with their children. This is unfortunate but largely unavoidable as a parent strives to put food on the table for his or her children.

  2. Parents will usually keep a spare key, since they come in at unusual hours. A parent who is juggling two jobs at once is usually stressed, disorganized and could just easily misplace the house key. There is nothing more frustrating than making it to your door-step, only to find that you cannot open the front door because you have no key. And to make matters worse, your kids are fast asleep and cannot answer the doorbell or come to your assistance.

  3. There is a keyless locking system that can come to your rescue. It works with a combination code. So if you come in late, you can afford to let yourself in without a key. These keyless locks have touch pads and are available in the market for purchase. Some special ones even come with a remote control. This allows you open the door from a distance. So when your hands are full with groceries and you cannot reach for the door knob, you can use the remote. How cool is that? It can be a real bother for you to set down your groceries and start punching in a code, don't you think?

  4. Keyless door locks may open with pin codes. But they can also be triggered to recognize finger prints as well. So if a person punches in the right code. But does not have matching fingerprints, that person would be denied access into the house. This is a smart way to offer extra protection to your home and family just in case your code has been penetrated. Ensure that you purchase a lock that comes with a key, even though you would hardly use it. This might come in handy during an infrequent blackout or when you bizarrely forget your pin code at the front door.

  5. Alternatively, you can opt for a keyless lock that has battery backup, when the power goes out. Furthermore, be on the lookout for locks that come with in-built power sources so that you do not have to change batteries all the time. Make sure you also consider locks that come with added features like safety alarms. It is important to know that locks made from hardened steel and zinc alloy casings are difficult for burglars to cut through and control your key system.

  6. Keyless entry locks are valuable and convenient for your home. Once you have installed them, there is no need to worry about locking yourself outside your home ever again. They are also great for secondary homes that you only visit during vacations or holidays. They cannot be picked by intruders or burglars. And once you feel that the pin code has been compromised, you can change it without any hassles whatsoever.

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