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Angela Maiers Favorite Quotes

Angela Maiers shares her favorite thoughts regarding education, leadership, and showing people that THEY MATTER!

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Angela Maiers Favorite Quotes

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  1. #YOUMATTER As told by Angela Maiers

  2. You Matter These two words can change your mood. They can change your mind. They can your heart. These two words can change lives and CHANGE THE WORLD – if we understand them and we leverage them in the right way. @ #Choose2Matter

  3. We were created for SIGNIFICANCE and one of the most dangerous things that can happen to us as individuals, as organizations and as communities – is to get the feeling that we don’t matter. @ #Choose2Matter

  4. All students say the same thing about their favorite teachers: It’s the small things you do that mean the most. That is what they remember. @ #Choose2Matter

  5. When you tell your story you give people permission, and the courage, to tell their story. @ #Choose2Matter

  6. Every second somewhere in the world a GENIUS is born. They come to us with a dream. A destiny and a desire to make an impact. Their words, their ideas have the power to move and motivate strangers, the power to rattle the skies and shake the moon. @ #Choose2Matter

  7. Commit to fighting your way back to your five-year-old self. Fight for your dreams with the ferocity that you had back then. @ #Choose2Matter

  8. Students come to us with an expectation of contribution. But they are imprisoned in our system, which is focused on consumption. It’s the act of contribution that changes us. In that moment, we realize that what we have is exactly what someone else in the world needs. @ #Choose2Matter

  9. Somewhere along the way we learn to withhold our genius, to not dream audaciously, to not dare greatly. We’ve been told we’re not enough, that we don’t matter. Somehow, we believe this. We have to change that belief, RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW. @ #Choose2Matter

  10. Today’s students see it as their moral obligation to not be passive observers in this plan. They see a problem in the world and they ask, What can we do about this? Our students want and need to use their talents, their genius and their passion to do meaningful work. Work that matters. @ #Choose2Matter

  11. #Choose2Matter Bravery is a choice. Brave is strong. Brave is hard. Brave is really, really uncomfortable. You can be courageous or you can be comfortable, but you cannot be both. You have to choose. @

  12. I want you to ask the fiercest questions you have been up until this point afraid to ask. When someone says, 'That's impossible, you're just one person' . . . I want you to say, 'Phew, maybe I can do this.' @ #Choose2Matter

  13. Every person you meet; every person you know shares these needs from deep within: the NEED to be seen the NEED to be recognized the NEED to be honored the NEED to matter. Today is the day to let them know how much. @ #Choose2Matter

  14. If you don't first secure students' hearts, you don't have a shot at their brains. @ #Choose2Matter

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