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This task involves designing a helicopter with efficient altitude control, maneuverability, and safety measures in case of engine failure. The design should consider factors like rotor configuration, control mechanisms, and blade size.

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  1. Solution Search Charles A. DiMarzio GEU110 Northeastern University Chuck DiMarzio, Northeastern University

  2. Needs Assessment Implementation 2 11 Problem Formulation Analysis 8,9,10 3, 4, 5 Abstraction and Synthesis 6,7 Problem Formulation Search for the Problem Search for the Solution Apply Technical Knowledge Chuck DiMarzio, Northeastern University

  3. Solution Search Strategy • Rule Out Impossible Paths • Violate some law or constraint • Subdivide Design Goals • Look for Constraints (The Nose Problem) • Consider Ergonomics • Digital vs. Analog • Vision and Hearing Limitations • HUD? Chuck DiMarzio, Northeastern University

  4. In-Class Exercise Charles A. DiMarzio GE 1103 Northeastern University Chuck DiMarzio, Northeastern University

  5. Creativity Exercise • Groups consist of 2 tables (4 to 6 people) • Choose • Discussion Leader • Speaker • Writer • Prepare a report in 2 pages or less • Time Limit 20 minutes • Be prepared to present it to the class Chuck DiMarzio, Northeastern University

  6. The Task • Design a helicopter • Two rotors • One engine • One pilot Chuck DiMarzio, Northeastern University

  7. Figure out how to Increase and decrease altitude Move forward and backward Turn Stay Stationary Minimize Damage if the Engine Fails Sketch and Explain Basic Configuration Controls for Each Rotor Decisions about number and size of blades, speed of rotation, etc. The Details Chuck DiMarzio, Northeastern University

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