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ICTs - Making a Difference PowerPoint Presentation
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ICTs - Making a Difference

ICTs - Making a Difference

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ICTs - Making a Difference

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  1. ICTs - Making a Difference

  2. How can ICTS be used to improve youth employment prospects and empower and protect young migrant workers?

  3. IMPORTANCE OF ICTs • “We are changing the world with technology.”-Bill Gates • the advancement in technologies such as cell phones, internet computers and many more have lead to improvement in youth employment prospects through enhancement of efficiency in production. • Employment and civilized work are fundamental to reduce poverty, accomplish the Millennium Development Goals and encourage reasonable, comprehensive and sustainable development.

  4. CONTINUED! • The materialization of new technologies have become a momentous factor in development, having profound collision on the political, economic and social sectors of many countries, while many equate information and communication technologies primarily with mobile and more advanced technologies. • The proliferation of information and telecommunication technologies presents both opportunities and challenges in terms of social development and inclusion of youth. The distinction between old and new technologies may become outdated as radio, television, satellite technologies and internet are combined innovative ways to reach a wide range of youth and migrant workers.

  5. Improve employment opportunities for young people and migrant workers • Spread the importance of ICTs in global world and to reach the isolated places where people are deprived to use technologies. • Digital technology is n important factor in maintaining social and economic stability, access to education and health in helping migrants ahead. • Implementation of the use of ICT to make a difference can be done through organizing campaigns, quizzes, oratory, debates and educational programs so that all the people regardless of their race, religion and status can participate in that.

  6. Art competitions can be organized so that people understand better the importance of technology. • Barriers such as illiteracy and lack of knowledge on how to use the ICTs. Young people are the dynamic participants in the global flows of information. This can be overcome through educating the people about how to use the technology. • Individuals have to be knowledgeable and updated with the information and communication technologies which will upgrade their knowledge about new products and evolutions in employment opportunities. This will contribute towards better standard of living and the cost of living is at its peak.

  7. People need to be interconnected with the world with ict