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Who’s Who in Government? PowerPoint Presentation
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Who’s Who in Government?

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Who’s Who in Government?
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Who’s Who in Government?

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  1. Who’s Who in Government?

  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yi1yhp-_x7A&NR=1

  3. Canada is a constitutional Monarchy • Monarch of England is Canada’s Head of State • In reality holds no power in Canada • Currently the Queen for 13 other countries. • Travels throughout Canada, but rarely stops in Quebec The Queen

  4. Canada’s Shrinking Connection?

  5. Prince William?

  6. Prince Harry?

  7. In Theory: chosen by the Queen, upon recommendation of the PM • In reality, chosen by the PM and Queen accepts • Can be traced to Samuel de Champlain • Before 1952 all GGs were British Men • Very important ceremonial role in Canada Governor General

  8. Welcome ambassadors • Presents Honours/Awards • Order of Canada • Encourages pride in Canada • Signs bills into law • Swears in PM, Cabinet, and Chief Justice • Reads throne speech • Meets with PM to ensure Canada has a PM, and generally does what they want What do they do?!

  9. Order of Canada

  10. Ensure Canada has a PM?

  11. Every MP on the Hill liked Voting a lot…But the Grinch, who lived just north of the Hill, did NOT!The Grinch hated Voting! The whole Voting season!Now, please don’t ask why. No one quite knows the reason.It could be his head wasn’t screwed on just right.It could be his new sweater vest was too tight.But I think that the most likely reason of all, may have been that his caucus was twelve seats too small. The Grinch who Prorogued Parliament

  12. But, whatever the reason, his caucus or vest,He stood on Voting eve, thumping his chest.Staring down from his cave with a sour, Grinchy frown,At the warm lighted windows below in the town.For he knew every MP on the Hill beneathWas busy now, preparing a victory wreath.“And they’ve finished their plot!” he snarled with a sneer,“Next Monday’s the vote! It’s practically here!”Then he growled, with his Grinch fingers nervously drumming,“I MUST find some way to stop Monday from coming!” The Grinch who Prorogued Parliament

  13. For, next week he knew all MP girls and boys would wake bright and early.They’d rush for the hill!And then! Oh, the noise!Oh, the Noise! Noise! Noise! Noise!That’s one thing he hated!The NOISE! NOISE! NOISE! NOISE! The Grinch who Prorogued Parliament

  14. And THEN they’d do something he liked least of all!Each MP on the Hill, the tall and the small,Would stand close together, Peace Tower bells ringing.They’d stand hand-in-hand.And end his power clinging!They’d vote! And they’d vote!And they’d VOTE! VOTE! VOTE! VOTE!And the more the Grinch thought of this confidence measure,The more the Grinch thought, “This, I must try to censure!”“Why, for three-years I’ve put up with it now!”“I must stop Monday from coming!… But HOW?” The Grinch who Prorogued Parliament

  15. Then he got an idea! An awful idea!THE GRINCH GOT A WONDERFUL, AWFUL IDEA!"I know just what to do!" The Grinch laughed full of gall.And he strolled through the snow over to Rideau Hall.And he chuckled, and clucked, "What a great Grinch trick!""I’ll prorogue this House, and I’ll prorogue it quick!" The Grinch who Prorogued Parliament

  16. The Grinch who Prorogued Parliament "All I need is a reason..." The Grinch looked around.But, since reasons are scarce, there was none to be found.Did that stop the old Grinch...? No! The Grinch simply said,"If I can't find a reason, I'll create one instead!"So he ran some commercials, like a good politician,And blamed the whole thing on that darn coalition...

  17. 1925 Election: King (Liberal) won fewer seats than Meighen (Conservative) but King refused to resign because he believed he would have the support of the Progressives giving him a majority • 1926: King begins to lose support of Progressives, because of a corruption scandal • King approaches Governor General Byng to dissolve parliament and have a new election • King resigns and Byng asks Meighen and Conservatives to take over • Meighen loses a vote and we have an election • King accuses Byng of acting unconstitutionally (untrue) and wins the election Another Exception?King-Byng Crisis

  18. Lieutenant-Governor • Essentially the same role as Governor General, only provincially • Chosen by PM, appointed by Governor General • Often very controversial in Quebec • Federalist?

  19. Most powerful person in Canadian government • Leader of the biggest party in the House of Commons • Accountable for every government decision • Chooses cabinet • Ministers must agree with PM in public • Appoints many jobs • Ambassadors • Senators • Governor General Prime Minister

  20. People used to think he was scary

  21. A little help from his friends? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CxJm6wod-eg http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8FGIQpdtS_Y&feature=related

  22. Famous PM’s

  23. Famous PM’s

  24. Who am I?

  25. Who Am I?

  26. “all politics is local • We usually care the most about what effects us every day • Water • Transportation • Sport costs • Hierarchy of needs • Cities and towns are run by municipal government • Responsible for things such as police, fire, ambulance, parks, street cleaning, libraries, zoning by laws • Mayor is elected directly by voters • Councillors represent smaller wards • Mayor is head of municipal government Local Government

  27. Ottawa

  28. Me! • Probably many of your parents • Work directly for the government, but not accountable for final decision • Police, Lab technicians, lawyers, bus drivers, etc. Public Servants

  29. Senators

  30. House of sober second thought; appointed by the PM • John A-didn’t trust voters • Also he was drunk most of the time • Sit in Upper House of Parliament • Actually the same level • Consider legislation from House of Commons • Almost always they approve it • Can suggest small changes • Forced to retire at 75 Senators

  31. Senators • Some people question the need for a Senate • Reasons in favour • Appointed for life: no conflict of interest • Represent regions of Canada better

  32. Senators http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yV8zEjgZ8VE http://archives.cbc.ca/politics/prime_ministers/clips/13051/

  33. Senate Map

  34. House of Commons

  35. The Premier • Each of Canada’s 10 provinces and territories has its own government • The head of the Provincial government is called the Premier • Very similar job to PM, only deals with provincial issues: Health Care, Education

  36. Prominent Premiers

  37. Ralph Klein http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cnk0cBsjy7o&NR=1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=frsUbZ1bJ8A

  38. Tommy Douglas http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C2oUInTUlAM&feature=related http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lf1YAznsnVA&feature=related

  39. Members of Parliament • Are elected to the House of Commons (Lower House) • Expected to represent views of their riding • Ottawa-Orleans • Act as our link to government • Currently 308 seats in the House of Commons • Usually begin as a “back-bencher”

  40. Cabinet?

  41. Original responsibilities remain the same, but now run a department • No laws saying what departments have to exist • Minister must take responsibility for whatever goes wrong in their portfolio • Bernier • Opposition creates “Shadow Cabinets” • Speaker of the House is elected by MPs • When MP’s speak in the House, they direct their comments toward the Speaker How do I get there?