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Crude oil products By Team petrol PowerPoint Presentation
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Crude oil products By Team petrol

Crude oil products By Team petrol

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Crude oil products By Team petrol

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  1. Crude oil products By Team petrol

  2. Credits • Student 1 : Program Manager • Student 2: Instructional Designer • Student 3: Program Author • Student 4: Graphics Specialist

  3. What Is a Raw Material? • “A material or substance used in the primary production or manufacturing of a good. Raw materials are often natural resources such as crude oil, iron and wood.”

  4. What Is Crude Oil? • “Crude oil is a smelly, yellow-to-black liquid and is usually found in underground areas called reservoirs.” • It is also called petroleum.

  5. Where is Crude Oil From? • The graph at the left shows that the top oil producing countries are Saudia Arabia, Russia, United States, China and Iran. • Saudi Arabia was the top producer in 2010.

  6. Visual Comparison • Our Team’s products are all made from crude oil. • Crude oil and its byproducts.

  7. Crude Gives Us Paint Raw Material Product • Polystyrene plastics are made from crude oil. • Paint is made from polystyrene plastics.

  8. Crude Oil Gives Us Bubble Gum Raw Material Product • Food grade plastics are made from crude oil. • Bubble gum is made from food grade plastics.

  9. Crude Oil Gives Us Eyeglasses Raw Material Product • Polycarbonate plastic is made from crude oil. • Eyeglasses are made from polycarbonate plastic.

  10. Crude Oil Gives Us Tires Raw Material Product • “Synthetic rubber is made from crude oil. • Tires are made from synthetic rubber.

  11. How Is It Processed? • “After crude oil is removed from the ground, it is sent to a refinery by pipeline, ship, or barge. At a refinery, different parts of the crude oil are separated into useable petroleum products.” • Saudi Arabian Oil Refinery at Dusk

  12. Refining Process • Distilling: “Oil is heated in large, tall towers . . . making it separate into layers.” Heavier elements sink to bottom and lighter elements float to the top. “As the elements separate they are sent through pipes to different areas for further processing.” • Converting: Lighter weight products from heating are turned directly into gasoline, jet and diesel fuels. Medium and heavy weight gas oils are “cracked” with hydrogen under high pressure and heat. This process then turns these oils into gasoline and jet fuels. • Treating: In this process, impurities are removed that cause air pollution

  13. Products from Crude Oil

  14. Plastics • Our team drew bubble gum, eyeglasses, paints and tires from the hat. All of these products are made from crude oil. • Press on a link below to learn about these plastic products. (see

  15. From Black Oil to Pink Bubble Gum • Crude Oil is processed at the refinery to create the raw material to make bubble gum. • The refining process has three steps: • Distilling • Converting • Treating

  16. From Synthetic Rubber to Pink Bubble Gum • Bubble gum is made with synthetic rubber. • Synthetic rubber is made from monomers. • Monomers are gotten from refining crude oil. • Synthetic Rubber

  17. Click and see how bubble gum is made. Click on the black box to playthe Discovery video Bubble Gum: How It’s Made

  18. Renewable or Nonrenewable Resources Renewable Resources Nonrenewable Resources • Trees • Cotton • Natural Rubber • Natural Fibers • Bio-based plastics • Ethanol • Crude Oil • Aluminum • Iron Ore • Silicone • Coal • Natural Gas

  19. Should We Make Bubble Gum from Crude Oil? Environmental Consequences Persuasive Argument • I believe that we should make bubble gum because it does not pollute the environment. When the crude oil is processed into other raw materials, the raw material that is used to make gum is a by-product of this. So , they can either make bubble gum or just throw away those raw materials. • Or: • I believe that we should not make bubble gum because we don’t need it and it is just a waste of the by-products from crude oil

  20. Should We Make Eyeglasses from Crude Oil? Environmental Consequences Persuasive Argument

  21. Should We Make Paint from Crude Oil? Environmental Consequences Persuasive Argument

  22. Should We Make Tires from Crude Oil? Environmental Consequences Persuasive Argument