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  1. OCSL OPEN FORUM June 8, 2014 12:45 – 3:00

  2. Recap: Why Are We Here? • What is an Open Forum? • Purpose • History • Why is it important now?

  3. AGENDA • Opening Treatment by Rev. Carol • Introductions • Housekeeping and Meeting Format • Participation Agreements • Update from Nominating Team Lead Doug Myers • Financial Update • Sanctuary Remodel Design and Timeline • Q/A Session on Finances & Remodel

  4. AGENDA • Staffing Changes • Overview of Summer Activities with Rev. Dr. Carol • Classes • Co-Creation • Affirmative Inquiry • Membership Renewal

  5. AGENDA • Review of Selection Team and Candidating Process and Timeline • Question/Answer Session • Closing Treatment


  7. HOUSEKEEPING • We are LIVE STREAMING • Presentation First, Dialogue After • Write your questions • Questioner Queue • Index Cards for those who don’t want to stand and identify themselves on Live Streaming • NO break, so please take care of your own needs • PPT slides will be linked to our website and posted on the bulletin board

  8. PARTICIPATION AGREEMENTS • RESPECTFUL COMMUNICATION – Speak from the “I” without blaming and flaming • RESPECTFUL LISTENING – Even if (especially if) you don’t agree • BE CONCISE – Remember that others are waiting to speak • PERSONAL/INDIVIDUAL ISSUES – will not be addressed individually during the Forum. Council members will remain after to speak with you.

  9. Nominating Team Update



  12. Personnel

  13. FIRST 5 MONTHS OF 2014 January February March April May Income: $33,703 $43,143 $35,471 $30,158 $31,139 Expense: $46,147 $39,553 $39,887 $45,519 $38,253 Net Income/Loss: $(12,444) $(3.590) $(4,416) $(15,361) $(7,114) TOTAL INCOME: $173,614 TOTAL EXPENSES: $205,395 NET DEFICIT: $35,745

  14. 2014 BUDGET – REVISED PROJECTED • Income: $515,920 ($50K Land) • Expenses: $474,031 • Personnel: $173,156 • Net Profit $41,889 • To meet expenses, we require $40,000 per month. • So far in 2014, our income has averaged $27,626 per month. 78% of which comes from Sunday offering and tithes.

  15. 2014 BUDGET - PROJECTED • Does not include designated funds • Does includes $$ for interim minister, Rev. Dr. Carol Carnes • Does not include salary for new senior minister. • Finance Committee is working on a comprehensive fund development plan, meeting Wednesday, June 11 @ 1:00 pm

  16. Commitment Campaign Pledges to Date: $152,975

  17. 2014 OCSL Pulpit Renovationand30/100 Club

  18. Backstory of our Pulpit Renovation • Started in 2012 and put on hold • Who was involved: • Design Team • Operations Core • Sacred Space Team • Previous Core Council • Current Leadership Council • Rev. Carol • IT’S TIME!!!

  19. Pulpit Renovation: What, Why, When and How? • What: Sanctuary Pulpit and Presentation Platform • Why: Desire to invest in our greatest asset (our beautiful sanctuary) and show off our stained glass window to best effect – a point of pride as OCSL recreates itself • When: Begin fundraising in June and do the work in July • How: Create the 30/100 Club for funding and use the Operations Core and volunteers for the work

  20. Tasks to Accomplish • Cover wood wall below window with sheetrock • Paint wood slat areas with same color that matches lobby doors, trim and arches • Paint bricks and new drywall area surrounding stained glass windows • Paint smooth wall areas and heating elements • Cut and round off the lower platform • Reinforce lower platform and ramp with another layer of floor boarding • Re-carpet the upper stage, lower platform and ramp and all edges – all the same color of purple • Install outlet in lower platform for lectern • Install microphone box in lower platform for lectern

  21. Funding • Estimates for paint, carpet, wood, padding, drywall, and electrical supplies come to $3000.00. (Actually, $2,985.) • In June a quiet, simple fund drive called the 30/100 Club will be held with ease and grace. • Thirty individuals or entities (e.g., ministries, clubs) contribute $100 each

  22. Funding • There will be only one pulpit announcement about the 30/100 Club at Sunday Service on June 15th. • Ask ME about the 30/100 Club! • Each contributing individual or entity will be recorded and presented to the Leadership Council for entry in our official records. • All contributions are tax deductible.

  23. So what will the new sanctuary look like?

  24. Q/A Period Finances and Sanctuary Upgrade

  25. STAFFING CHANGES • In February we shared that the Executive Team (Katherine, Sanford and Geri) would work with the Strategic Business Manager (Ouida) and the Human Resources Committee (JoAnn Somerville, Lynne Carr-Sykes and Robert Leeds) to “re-evaluate ALL administrative & operational tasks that are needed to keep us up and running.”

  26. STAFFING CHANGES • Extensive discussions with Ouida, Bruce and Jacquie about their work. • Jacquie and Bruce did job audits of their tasks. • HR Committee surveyed comparable non-profit job classifications and job descriptions. • Talked with other CSLs about their staff organizations. • Looked at how volunteers could complement paid positions.

  27. CONCLUSIONS • We have determined that our best possible configuration is having an Executive Director as well as a Senior Minister. • We need only ONE administrative staff position, not two. We are not considering a personal assistant for the senior minister at this time.

  28. OUTCOMES: Two New Positions • We have created a job description for an Executive Director. • Executive Director reports to the Senior Minister with a dotted line to the Executive Committee of the Leadership Council.

  29. Administrative Coordinator • We combined the duties currently being carried out by Jacquie Onipede and Bruce Daniels into one position • Increased the scope of responsibility • Up-leveled the authority • Increased the salary • Supplemented it with a team of dedicated office volunteers: three people who are willing to reliably work 2-3 hours a week

  30. Administrative Coordinator • Reports to the Executive Director with a dotted line to the Senior Minister • Serves as the first point of contact for congregants, visitors, guests and tradespeople • Manages all of the functions of our front office • Has to have initiative, problem-solving skills and exemplary customer service

  31. Filling the Jobs • Both positions will be posted and recruited from multiple sources, not just within CSL. • INTA Indeed AGNT • CSL Headquarters Idealist • • Opportunity Knocks • CSL Communities

  32. TIMELINE • Advertising for Executive Director begins June 9; deadline for applications is June 27. • Advertising for Administrative Coordinator begins June 23; deadline for applications is July 14. • All applications should be directed to Ouida Cooper-Rodriguez. • We would like to have both positions hired by the end of Aug/first of Sep

  33. Process • Screening, Interviews (two rounds for finalists) and Reference Checks • Executive Team Members Sanford Livingston and Geri Carder (and Katherine when she returns from her vacation) • HR Committee Representative(s) • Ouida Cooper Rodriguez, who has decided she will not apply for the Executive Director position

  34. TIME FOR Q/As for the Staffing Changes portion of the agenda ……

  35. UP Next … Summer Activities • Appreciative Inquiry • Co-Creation • Classes • Renewing Membership

  36. Selection and Candidating Process Review • In August the Leadership Council will begin working CSL Headquarters to fill out paperwork about OCSL’s financial and demographic information. • CSL uses this information to help position and present us clearly and cleanly to all interested, qualified ministers in the Religious Science movement.

  37. SEPTEMBER • After the special election on September 12 when the new Leadership Council is seated, the call will go out for applicants for the SELECTION COMMITTEE who will be in charge of screening ministerial candidates. • The Selection Committee is appointed by the Leadership Council in accordance with OCSL bylaws and CSL Headquarter policies.

  38. SELECTION COMMITTEE COMPOSITION • Leadership Council Chair and one other Council member, plus • Four Practitioners • Four Laity • With best possible diversity of age, gender, and ethnicity

  39. Selection Committee Eligibility Criteria • Members in good standing according to OCSL bylaws for at least two years • Practitioners in good standing according to CSL Ethical Standards for at least two years • Have been consistent financial supporters of OCSL for at least two years • Completed Foundations and one other certificated SOM class (laity) • Participated in the Co-Creation process • Have demonstrated commitment to OCSL with notable, reliable loving service

  40. Selection Committee Criteria “A member must serve with absolute integrity, respecting the confidentiality of all committee meetings, candidate files and candidate interviews. … To the best of their ability, they will bring back all feedback, input and comments to the Committee without filtering it through their own personal perspective.” -- CSL Candidating Kit 2013

  41. Selection Committee Process • Eligible interested people will complete an application and write a statement of intention and qualifications. • All applications will be reviewed and criteria confirmed by the Leadership Council and Rev. Carol.

  42. Selection Committee Process • Confirmed applicants will be considered in prayer and contemplation during group spiritual practice. • Final selections will be arrived at through prayer and evaluation of applicants’: • demonstrated commitment to OCSL; • demonstrated application of SOM principles; and • representation of the diversity of our community.

  43. Selection Committee Tasks • Establish ministerial selection criteria based on the Co-Creation Process • Establish/maintain frequent communication and information sharing with the community • Develop a Candidate Review Plan • Screen applicants (review resumes, view DVDs, check credit reports,check out internet sites, read evaluations and applications, etc.) • Advise the Council of which candidates they wish to pursue • Based on first round of screening and interviews, recommend finalists (3 or 4 at most) to present to the community

  44. Selection Committee Manages the Logistics to PRESENT FINALISTS • Finalists under consideration are brought to OCSL to: • Give a Sunday service talk • Hold a workshop and/or teach a class • Meet with leadership, practitioners, other appropriate groups/ministries • Have extensive dialogue with Leadership Council & Selection Committee • Have a reception or some kind of social setting for meeting/greeting members

  45. WHAT THE MEMBERS DO • Attend the Sunday services and workshops/classes so they can experience the candidates, while … • Keeping in mind the qualities of spiritual leadership that the community has chosen as its values (the Co-Creation Process) • Complete evaluation forms that have been developed by CSL

  46. The Selection Committee • Reviews member evaluations and other feedback/evaluation from the candidates’ visit • Evaluate candidates’ alignment with OCSL’s goals, vision and values • Determines if the candidates fit our financial parameters and potential start dates • Presents two finalists to the Leadership Council, who will then arrange for an election by the membership

  47. WHAT THE MEMBERS DO • OCSL bylaws stipulate that members in good standing elect the new senior minister. • The Leadership Council will convene a general meeting in order to elect the new senior minister by majority vote

  48. WHAT THE COUNCIL DOES • The Leadership Council extends our invitation and negotiates a Letter of Call for the new senior minister. • Helps provide transition and orientation. • Breathes a sigh of relief.