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Mathematics Syllabus 2011/2011

Mathematics Syllabus 2011/2011. Instructor: Mrs. Prince Classroom phone # Course Description. Algebra 2 provides a review and extension of the concepts taught in Algebra 1.

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Mathematics Syllabus 2011/2011

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  1. MathematicsSyllabus2011/2011 Instructor:Mrs. Prince Classroom phone #

  2. Course Description • Algebra 2 provides a review and extension of the concepts taught in Algebra 1. • Topics covered will include equations and inequalities, coordinates and graphs, general functions, polynomial and rational functions, exponential and logarithmic function, trigonometric functions of angles and of real numbers, analytic trigonometry, systems of equations and inequalities, sequences and series. • Graphing calculator skills will be taught and use extensively in this course. • Throughout this course, students will develop learning strategies, critical thinking skill, and problem solving techniques to prepare for future math courses and college entrance exams.

  3. Attendance • Because of the nature of this course, attendance is essential. • If you can avoid being absent it would be best. • However, I do understand students might be ill or have sports and such, but it’s their responsibility to make time to gather missed assignments and notes. • Students who are absent will have an applicable amount of time to make up missing work without their work being considered late. • Be sure to look up or call in for assignments if you will be absent for an extended period of time. • I will do my best to accommodate to all students.

  4. Participation • Participation will be graded on the basis of your productivity during class. • Students who turn in clean and complete work ON TIME will receive up to 3 extra credit points on that particular assignment. • This means all work will be shown clearly and neatly, and paper assignments will not be wrinkled or messy. If you find your self having this issue please feel free to use Ever Note. • However, if you are not productive during class and/or your work is messy, unclear, or, late this will resort in a loss of points for that particular assignment.

  5. Assignments • At Minarets, notes are taken at home and assignments are done in class so students have help available to them whenneeded. • Students are responsible for turning in assignments and notes in and on time. • Assignment returned after the due date will lose 10% of the possible points unless cleared by instructor. • Students can turn in assignments in late for the maximum grade of a C after the second day. • Assignments for the week will be posted on my website weekly.

  6. Grades Tests 50 points Projects 50 points= 20 work and 30 presentation Homework/Class work 10 points Notes 5 points

  7. Students Organization • I’ve found that students who are organized generally do much better in school than those who are not organized, especially as they get into higher grades. I insist on neat papers, and I am convinced that an organization is essential. • As a class, students will input test and project date into their Google calendars.

  8. Rules of the Classroom • Students are expected to report to class on time and be prepared • A prepared student has a pen, pencil, paper, charger, computer, and is focused on learning • Students will present themselves professionally at all time in dress and behavior • Language in class will be appropriate and professional and students will demonstrate respect towards others and their property.

  9. Technology we will be using in class Video Notes

  10. What we will learn in math class? The math curriculum will be guided by the California State Standards. Please refer to the link for the subjects’ blueprint

  11. The End • If you have any questions please contact Mrs. Prince at one of the following: Classroom phone #

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