brantford accommodation review st pius x school st bernard school st mary school n.
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Brantford Accommodation Review St. Pius X School St. Bernard School St. Mary School PowerPoint Presentation
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Brantford Accommodation Review St. Pius X School St. Bernard School St. Mary School

Brantford Accommodation Review St. Pius X School St. Bernard School St. Mary School

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Brantford Accommodation Review St. Pius X School St. Bernard School St. Mary School

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  1. Brantford Accommodation ReviewSt. Pius X SchoolSt. Bernard SchoolSt. Mary School Presentation to Accommodation Review Committee (ARC) November 26, 2009

  2. Questions Public Meeting #3 Question – In the scenarios provide by Mr. Kuckyt, were 16 students considered out of boundary. Where these students out of boundary prior to the scenario of amalgamation St. Bernard and St. Pius X? Response – The status of these students hasn’t changes from the amalgamation.

  3. Questions Public Meeting #3 Question – Are Colborne Street and Dalhousie Street considered hazards for students and would Crossing Guards be provided at busy intersections? Response – Colborne Street and Dalhousie Street are not considered hazards, at this time, due to the fact that they are one way streets. The Board would apply to the City of Branford for Crossing Guards.

  4. Questions Public Meeting #3 Question – Is the walking distance for students reviewed and adjusted for safe travel paths? Response – The distance between the property line of the place of residence and the bus stop is calculated based on the shortest distance on a safe walking route.

  5. Questions Public Meeting #3 Question – Have time frames been established for Bus runs? What time will the first loop be picked up and dropped off? How long will students be waiting for the second run to arrive? Response – No calculations have been made at this time. There are other factors that need to be reviewed prior to establishing pickup and drop off times.

  6. Questions Public Meeting #3 Question – How does inclement weather affect the time frame of pick-up and drop-off times? Response – We ask that all drives be at their first stop on time and we ask that they complete their route in a safe manner.

  7. Questions Public Meeting #3 Comment – Concerns were raised with children waiting for pick-up in inclement weather conditions. Response – The Transportation Department is currently working on a system to maintain communication with buses on the road, therefore, providing updates to parents and guardians.

  8. Questions Public Meeting #3 Question – Will students be expected to cross King George Road to attend either St. Bernard or St. Pius X Schools? Response – King George Road is considered a hazard. Any student needing to cross King George Road will have transportation made available.

  9. Questions Public Meeting #3 Question – What is the estimated time frame of children being dropped off while buses complete the second loop? Response – The Transportation Departments goal is 20 minutes.

  10. Questions Public Meeting #3 Question – Would elementary students be mixed in with secondary students? Response – Not in the scenarios provided.

  11. Questions Public Meeting #3 Question – Will students be asked to meet at a designated spot for bus pick-up? Response – We do ask students to meet for group pick-up. The maximum distance for pick-ups is 0.8 kilometers.

  12. Questions Public Meeting #3 Question – Has the turnover rate of headship been calculated in the enrolment projections? Response – The enrolment projections have been calculated through Census reports and historical trends.

  13. Questions Public Meeting #3 Question – Is religion included in the Census? Response – The Federal census in Canada includes information on people's religion. It is held every ten years, with data collected on years ending in “1”.

  14. Questions Public Meeting #3 Question – Where will the students from the Hardy Road development attend school? Response – The boundary line for students in the Hardy Road area is Sacred Heart School in Paris. An enrolment projection from a 300 home development is not enough to make a huge impact.

  15. Questions Public Meeting #3 Comment – Concerns were raised regarding influx of growth and turnaround. The impact if a school is closed. Will it only need to be re-opened in the future? Response – The projections provided are based on trends. Typically if a trend is showing a decrease in enrolment, it will continue to flow in that direction.

  16. Questions Public Meeting #3 Question – How will the Music Program and other extra curricular programs at St. Bernard School be affected by a possible change in location? Response – Adjustments will be made. The Music Program may have to be expanded due to the increase in student participation.

  17. Questions Public Meeting #3 Comment – Concerns were raised at the irregularity of student outcomes. Can a Valuation Framework be completed for the school where students may be relocated? Response – The Valuation Framework is a long process. Most of the concerns are with regards to the student outcomes. EQAO results for the Board have been posted on the website for review.

  18. Questions Public Meeting #3 Comment – School representatives from St. Pius X School have not been present at the last two public meetings. They could be providing valuable information for parents who may have to amalgamate with them. Response – ARC will ensure that St. Pius X School has representatives at the next public meeting.

  19. Questions Public Meeting #3 Comment – Many parents from St. Bernard School do not feel there has been adequate consideration for building a new school on St. Bernard School land. With the addition of the ½ acres the plot size would be slightly smaller than the size of Jean Vanier Catholic Elementary School. Please provide transportation scenarios for relocating St. Pius X students to St. Bernard School.

  20. Transportation Scenario ifNew School constructed on St. Bernard’s current location • Statistics: same as Scenario #1 • St. Bernard’s: total of 202 students • 114 Walkers, 48 Bussed, 24 Hazard Bussed, and 16 Out of Bounds • St. Pius X: total of 136 students • 34 Walkers, 67 Bussed, 13 Hazard, and 22 Out of Bounds

  21. cont’d… • Current Transportation • 700 – completes 2 loops into St. Pius and then 1 loop into St. Bernard. • 444B – completes 1 loop into St, Bernard. • Students transported: • St. Pius = 80 (Bussed and Hazard) • St. Bernard = 82 (Bussed and Hazard)

  22. Cont’d… The Math: with King George Rd being labeled a Hazard Zone, all students attending from the former St. Pius’ boundary, less OOB, would require bussing. ADD the current bussed students from St. Bernard (bussed and hazard) = TOTAL # OF STUDENTS NEEDING TRANSPORTATION SERVICES • Total = all St. Pius + existing St. Bernard • Total = ((136-22)+(48+24)) = 186 • # Tiers = total riders / # spots = 186/70 = 2.66 • Therefore would require a total of 3 tiers to complete work

  23. cont’d… • Impact of selecting current St. Bernard’s location for future school development: • With having to transport fewer students across King George Rd, the second tier of the second route could be saved. Fixed cost of the route would still be required. • Savings = 5.5Km*2*.68/km*188 days = $1406 • Pickup times for current St. Bernard students would be longer as all students would be transported on one route (30+ mins).

  24. Questions Public Meeting #3 Question – To increase the enrolment at St. Mary School would the possibility of having annual flexing of boundaries be taken into consideration? Response – All of the schools in the area have a declining enrolment. Flexing the boundaries will take away students from other schools, forcing another school to close.

  25. Questions Public Meeting #3 Comments – Email address should have been established at the beginning of the review.

  26. Questions Public Meeting #3 Comment – A recommendation was made to spend the funds from an addition to St. Peter School to bus students from St. Peter School to St. Mary School.

  27. Brantford Enrolment

  28. South West Brantford Total LD & MD Built 2,206 St. Gabriel enrolment 554 Less St. Theresa 100 Net 454 Average elem. Pupils per hh .205 Remaining LD & MD to build 2,200 Expected enrolment 451

  29. St. John’s / St. Bernard’s

  30. St. Bernard’s

  31. St. Pius X with Soccer Field

  32. Supervision – St. Pius/St. Bernard’s • 20 minutes before and after = 200 • 2 teachers = 400 • 90 minutes during day = 450 • 2 teachers = 900 • Total = 1300 minutes or 16 teachers • Combined teaching staff = 17

  33. St. Mary’s Options • A Status quo • B Move students to Holy Cross • C Move to Holy Cross and Christ the King

  34. St. Mary’s – Option BMove Students to Holy Cross

  35. St. Mary’s – Option CMove Students to HC and CTK

  36. Other Recommendations re: St. Mary’s

  37. St. Pius/St. Bernard Options • A Status quo • B Move Bernard’s students to St. Pius • C Move St. Pius students to St. Bernard’s

  38. St. Pius/St. Bernard – Option B&C

  39. Other recommendationsSt. Pius/ St. Bernard’s