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Annimateo Anti-Aging Cream - How to Look Younger in 2 Month PowerPoint Presentation
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Annimateo Anti-Aging Cream - How to Look Younger in 2 Month

Annimateo Anti-Aging Cream - How to Look Younger in 2 Month

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Annimateo Anti-Aging Cream - How to Look Younger in 2 Month

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  1. Annimateo Anti-Aging Cream - How to Look Younger in 2 Months

  2. INTRODUCTION • While aging may be inevitable, looking your best and minimizing the amount of wrinkles on you skin is your right. You will age as time goes on but that does not mean you cannot strive to look your best and minimized the amount of damage time can do to your skin. • Anti aging creams is one way to minimize the amount of damage done to your skin. Unlike some office procedures which can be costly and short lived, anti aging skin cream can be purchased at a low cost and produce the same results. But unnatural office procedures also have some very serious side effects that though known are not made common knowledge.

  3. Annimateo Anti-Aging Cream Anni Mateo "All-in-One" Anti-aging Wrinkle/Lifting Cream contains over twenty-five (>25) powerful, well documented anti-aging actives combined in one product at high concentrations. In addition, Anni Mateo "All-in-One" Anti-aging Wrinkle/ Lifting Eye Cream contains Witch Hazel, Caffeine, Vitamin K and Cucumber oil known to reduce Eye Puffiness and Dark Circles. The active ingredients are dissolved/dispersed in soothing, healing and hydrating Aloe Vera juice, Green Tea Extract (containing polyphenols with great anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties) and pure oils and butters (each one contributing with its own unique property).

  4. Natural Ingredients Annimateo Anti-Aging Cream • All Anni Mateo creams contain only natural ingredients and are free from petroleum products, parabens, silicones, fillers, synthetic fragrances, harsh preservatives and colours etc. Only ingredients that actually contribute to the anti-aging action of the creams are used as there are simply no space for "fillers" in this actives-packed cream.

  5. Benefits Of Annimateo Anti-Aging Cream • It contains all known documented actives shown to reduce all signs of aging, specifically wrinkles and sagging skin, but also pigmentation, dull/uneven skin and large pores. •  These Nano-prisms have light refracting properties which makes lines and wrinkles virtually disappear to the naked eye.

  6. Contact Us Address :℅ Eva Rosberg Cody, Ballynoe Cottage BarrysBoreen, Fermoy, Co. Cork, Ireland Email us: Phone no: 3353861720115 Website: