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Do’s and don’ts

Do’s and don’ts

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Do’s and don’ts

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  1. Tournament Ready? Do’s and don’ts

  2. How to dress?

  3. $$$ for gas for your driver AND for food (breakfast, lunch, possibly dinner) They have concessions at the tournaments. Comfortable shoes! Your script and your game face! Your homework – We’ve got lots of down time between rounds! And often before awards!! What to bring…

  4. Never Judge a Judge – concentrate on your performance not their reactions! This is not about trophies! It’s for the experience!! At a tournament, you are establishing a reputation for you and your school – be kind, be professional! Never practice in view of others – find a room! He that owns the room, owns the round. Be confident – but not arrogant. Be supportive of everyone in that round – be a good listener! If you don’t make it to finals, go watch! How to Polish YOU!The 13 Things to Always Remember in Interp!

  5. Do not stack rounds with friends who only pay attention/smile at you! Judges notice!! It’s tacky! Good interp – easy! Bad interp – hard! Always act professional! From the time you enter the school till you leave – don’t talk poorly of your judge or opponents. Water! Water! Water! Avoid soda, milk, and chocolate. Your voice is a muscle that needs attention. Don’t let one bad tournament/round get you down! These events are subjective. How to Polish YOU!Continued…

  6. Keep highs, low and your lows, high! Be confident when you make it to finals, not arrogant. If you don’t make it, no need to be angry or cry. We’re here for the experience, not the trophies! Every round – letter perfect, by the numbers, JUST LIKE IN PRACTICE! Your coach’s requirement – We all sit together during awards, we clap for everyone, stand for the first place winner – regardless of what school they are from! How to Polish YOU!Continued…