naturopathic medicine and psoriasis n.
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Naturopathic Medicine and Psoriasis PowerPoint Presentation
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Naturopathic Medicine and Psoriasis

Naturopathic Medicine and Psoriasis

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Naturopathic Medicine and Psoriasis

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  1. Naturopathic Medicine and Psoriasis Danielle Currey, ND Owner and Naturopathic Physician at Bridges Family Wellness

  2. About the Presenter • Dr. Currey has herself lived with psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis since the age of twelve. • As a naturopathic doctor and family physician, she sees her role as one of education, prevention, support, and advocacy of patients -- in addition to treatment.

  3. An Introduction to Naturopathic Medicine – Licensure • Licensed naturopathic doctors (NDs) have attended 4+ years of medical school at an accredited institute in North America earning a Doctorate of naturopathic medicine. • Following graduation, licensed NDs then pass rigorous State and National licensing examinations and hold a license to practice medicine in one or more states. In Oregon, all NDs are licensed and have prescribing authority. • Some states do not license NDs. In those states, one does not need to have attended a medical school to call themselves an ND – Be informed and ask to see the provider’s credentials.

  4. An Introduction to Naturopathic Medicine – The Training • During their medical education, ND students receive training in basic sciences such as biochemistry and microbiology, as well as clinical sciences such as nutrition, pharmacology, botanical medicine, and all of the –ology courses (Dermatology, Gastroenterology, Rheumatology, etc.) • This classroom education is supplemented with clinical internships and preceptorships. Prior to graduation, a student will have spent a minimum of 1,224 hours in direct patient contact and seen a minimum of 500 patients. Along the way there are yearly clinical exams with patient actors to assess students‘clinical progress and evaluations by their attending physicians twice per quarter.

  5. An Introduction to Naturopathic Medicine – The Tenets • First: do no harm. • Trust the healing power of nature. • Treat the cause of disease. • Treat the whole person. • Doctor as teacher. • Prevention first.

  6. An Introduction to Naturopathic Medicine – The Therapeutic Order • The therapeutic order refers to the increasing complexity and invasiveness of treatments. Treatments range from creating a foundation of good nutrition and lifestyle practices to major surgery.

  7. An Introduction to Naturopathic Medicine – The Treatments • Lifestyle Interventions • Vitamin and Mineral Supplementation • Nutrition • Herbs • Homeopathy • Pharmaceuticals • Minor Surgery • Hydrotherapy • Injection Therapy • Physical medicine – soft tissue and boney structure manipulation

  8. Naturopathic Medicine and Psoriasis • Naturopathic doctors are primary care physicians, and in minor cases of psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis, can provide complete care to patients. • In more complex cases, naturopathic doctors can provide supplemental care as well as side effect management for patients under the care of a rheumatologist/dermatologist. • The main focus of treatment is the removal of barriers to cure and patient education. Food intolerance, toxic burden, nutritional deficiency, hormonal imbalance, and the management of coexisting conditions can all be addressed by NDs.

  9. Dr. Currey’s Story • I was misdiagnosed with ringworm initially, and went without a correct diagnosis for three years. • I then went untreated for 18 years while my skin lesions and joint pain increased. I was told that treatment of my skin was a cosmetic issue that was not covered by my insurance and biologics could be started for my joints but would destroy my liver and kidneys. At this time I was also told that I would be in a wheel chair by the age of 30. • After seeing some relief while on a self prescribed anti-inflammatory diet, I learned of naturopathic medicine and decided to pursue a career as a naturopathic doctor for my own health, my children’s health, and to be the positive influence in the lives of people living with psoriasis that I didn’t have.

  10. Dr. Currey’sStory Continued… • Since beginning my career as an ND student and now doctor, I have seen my skin and joint condition improve dramatically. • I have been able to connect my joint pain with stress and diet– especially after a major flair that coincided with graduation. • I am currently taking a minimal dose of methotrexate and have been able to wean off of prednisone completely with the help of my naturopathic doctor. I am also off of all pain medications. • I still struggle with morning stiffness especially in my hands and pain in my knees with squats. But my condition has improved dramatically.

  11. Dr. Currey’s Clinic • Located in Gresham Oregon • Focusing on Family Medicine • Space shared with: • Naturopathic Midwifery • Massage Therapy • Acupuncture • Chiropractic Care 22400 SE Stark St, Suite 105 Gresham, OR 97222 503-492-1221

  12. Find a Naturopathic Doctor in Your Area • American Association of Naturopathic Physicians – Find a doctor tool •