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Higher education executive search firms

The demand for diverse executive qualities in the education industry is well known. We understand that every institution is different and needs a specific set of skills to operate and grow. G/A&A is one of the top higher education executive search firms, recognized worldwide for its compassionate executive placement. So don't delay, just contact us and get the best placement for your company.

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Higher education executive search firms

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  1. HOM / WHO W AR / WHO W RV / WHAT W DO / ROURC / CLINT LCTION / NW / CONTACT U G/A&A NW NW AOUT G/A&A' WORK G/A&A COMMNTARY IN TH NW oard of Viitor announce Preidential earch Committee Pandemic Unettle Hiring Ccle for College Preident G/A&A Partner and Preident, Jan Greenood, i quoted in an article reported  Inide Higher d dicuing ho COVID-19 i affecting higher education preidential earche. G/A&A i honored to e aiting George Maon Univerit in the earch for it next preident. Read More → Read More → Committee choen for VP of advancement earch ecret earche and Facult Fur G/A&A i honored to announce e ill e aiting Central Michigan Univerit in the earch for it next vice preident for advancement. G/A&A Partner and Preident, Jan Greenood, i quoted in an article reported  Inide Higher d dicuing pulicit in preidential earche. Read More → Read More →

  2. Greenood/Aher & Aociate Find Preident for Univerit of outh Florida xecutive Talent Gloal Magazine from AC G/A&A Leaderhip Aement Advior, Gar Dent, i quoted in xecutive Talent dicuing ho technolog i impacting human reource. G/A&A ha helped the Univerit of outh Florida recruit teven Currall a it next preident. Mr. Currall ill replace Jud Genhaft, ho i retiring on Jul 1 after a 19-ear tenure at the chool. Read More → Pumping Out Preident Read More → G/A&A Partner and Preident, Jan Greenood, i quoted in an article reported  Inide Higher d dicuing "hot pot" for up and coming leader in higher education.  AAUW trategic Plan AAUW (The American Aociation of Univerit Women) announced it ne trategic plan on June 18, 2018, after a ear of development. The proce of developing the plan a facilitated  Dr. haron A. McDade, Principal & enior xecutive Leaderhip Conultant ho head G/A&A’ leaderhip and trategic ervice practice. Read More → Ho a Nagging Detail Pla Out in a Preidential earch Partner and Preident, Jan Greenood, comment on the importance of doing detailed vetting on finalit, including criminal-ackground check, during the earch proce.  Read More → earch firm choen to find Genhaft’ replacement Read More → G/A&A i thrilled to announce that e ill e aiting Univerit of outh Florida in it earch for the next UF tem Preident. #MeToo Ma ring Increaed Vetting for Preidential Candidate Read More → Jan Greenood, partner and preident G/A&A, explain the impact of the #MeToo movement on the vetting proce for candidate in executive earche.   earch advior committee appointed to find Northeat tate' next preident

  3. tate' next preident Read More → G/A&A i proud to e aiting Northeat tate Communit College in the earch for it next preident. A earch advior committee ha een appointed to lead the earch for the next preident ho i expected to egin  Januar 1. The committee ill hold it firt meeting on Aug. 16 at Northeat tate’ main campu in lountville. x-Oama Official a College Preident Partner and preident of G/A&A, Jan Greenood, i quoted in an article reported  Inide Higher d dicuing h oard are eginning to look outide higher education to fill leaderhip poition.  Read More → Read More → 3 finalit named for UA' top reearch officer poition Harvard Ma Quietl Turn to Outide Firm in Preidential earch G/A&A i proud to e aiting Univerit of Arkana, Faetteville in it earch for a Vice Provot for Reearch and Innovation. Three finalit have een named for the top reearch officer poition and are cheduled to give pulic preentation. G/A&A' partner, Jan Greenood, i quoted in an article releaed  Harvard Crimon dicuing Havard' poile turn to outide firm to ait in the preidential earch.   Read More → Read More → Wh Data Analtic I the Ne Game Changer for earch Firm Florida A&M Univerit dean earch attract on- campu and national candidate Jan Greenood, partner and preident of G/A&A, i quoted in an article releaed  the Atlantic Group dicuing earch firm turning to data analtic for aitance.   G/A&A i proud to e aiting Florida A&M Univerit ith it earch for four dean and the uperintendent of it reearch chool. Thee national earche Read More →

  4. have attracted finalit from around the countr, including ome ith current or previou tie to the univerit. Preparing and Finding Leader for College and Univeritie: An Updated Vie from earch Firm Read More → G/A&A haron A. McDade i the author on thi ne commentar on ho college univeritie earch for ne leader. The article provide inight, from four eaoned earch expert. The article provide uggetion and idom for intitution undertaking earche and for candidate ho are participating in earche.  Ne Dean of the College of Art & cience Announced With the aitance of G/A&A, UMa Dartmouth ha announced the appointment of Dr. Pauline ntin a dean of the College of Art and cience, tarting on eptemer 1, 2018.  Read More → Read More → Greenood/Aher & Aociate Recruit Ne Provot for Wright tate Women in Leaderhip earche Partner and preident of G/A&A, Jan Greenood, i quoted in an article reported  Inide Higher d from a paper preentation at the annual meeting of the American ducational Reearch Aociation (ARA). The article dicue the preence of omen candidate in earche conducted ith the aitance of outide earch firm. With the aitance of G/A&A, Wright tate Univerit Univerit ha named uan dard a the ne executive vice preident for academic affair and provot. Read More → Univerit of Illinoi earche for chief diverit officer Read More → The Univerit of Illinoi i in the midt of a national earch for it firt chief diverit officer. Greenood/Aher & Aociate ill e aiting the committee in thi earch.  Wet Virginia Univerit Women' Leaderhip Initiative Netorking vent Our partner, Jan Greenood, gave to talk a part of Wet Virginia Univerit' Women' Leaderhip Initiative Netorking vent erie. Read More → UVa-Wie $20 million cholarhip

  5. cholarhip endoment made poile  Hunter mith Famil Foundation Read More → Diverifing the Preidenc Under the leaderhip of G/A&A placement, Chancellor Donna Henr, The Univerit of Virginia' College at Wie ha een given a $10 million gift, the larget in the college' hitor. G/A&A partner Jan Greenood i quoted in thi Inide Higher d article on effort to diverif leaderhip in higher education. Read More → Read More → What' Next for Miouri? A Ne Director for Paul Roeon Lirar Our partner, Jan Greenood, quoted in Inide Higher d: “One of the igget topic right no i diverit and racim and developing a univerit that i reponive, not after the fact ut efore the fact.” With the aitance of G/A&A, Rutger Univerit-Camdem ha named Regina Kour a it next director of the Paul Roeon Lirar. Read More → Read More → It’ a revolving door for top leaderhip in Louiiana higher education. I the udget—or omething ele to lame? UF firt in Florida to crack U.. Ne lit of top 10 et pulic univeritie G/A&A aited The Univerit of Florida in recruiting their current preident, Kent Fuch. Under the leaderhip of Preident Fuch, The Univerit of Florida ha ecome the firt Florida chool to reak into the lit of top 10 et pulic univeritie. Our partner, Jan Greenood, a conulted for an article in the Greater aton Rouge uine Report aout the frequent turnover among top leaderhip at Louiiana univeritie. Read More → Read More → Chancellor teinmetz Offer Roadmap for the U of A' Future Preidential Peronalit

  6. One of G/A&A' placement, U of A Chancellor Joeph . teinmetz, delivered hi firt “tate of the Univerit” meage to the campu communit on Thurda, ept. 14, eginning ith the tatement that “thi i a fantatic time to e at the Univerit of Arkana.”  Partner Jan Greenood on the ue of peronalit aement in college & univerit preidential earche: "You jut have to e careful and reponile in the ue of the [compan] ou hire to do thi tpe of pchological evaluation and the intrument the ue, ecaue it might affect a peron' career.” Read More → Read More → Greenood/Aher & Aociate Add Ne Leaderhip Pulic-College Leader’ Ue of Private mail Account Could Go Undetected We are proud to announce e have expanded ith the addition of uanne Griffin a our vice preident and managing director.  Partner Jan Greenood recall: "23 ear ago, memer of pulic college’ preidential earch committee might not have thought tice aout uing email to hare candid thought aout a candidate. A of aout a decade ago, hoever, the almot completel topped uing email to communicate uch thought, ecaue 'ou don’t ant to inadvertentl do harm'  having uch tatement go pulic." Read More → Decker et retirement date from Merc College preidenc G/A&A i proud to announce e ill e aiting Merc College in recruiting it next preident.   Read More → Read More → Illinoi Flaghip ndure a Year of Tumult, ut Lating Damage I Unlikel G/A&A Facilitate trategic Plan for Univerit of Toledo The Univerit of Toledo announced a ne trategic plan. The development of the plan a facilitated  Dr. haron A. McDade, Principal & enior xecutive Leaderhip Conultant a part of G/A&A' leaderhip and trategic Partner Jan Greenood: "I proal have a converation per eek ith candidate ho ak me if their private email i confidential. That part i a quetion that’ reall on people’ mind."

  7. ervice practice. Read More → Read More → Ga Preident Organize G/A&A lited in Hunt canlon Top 50 U../America earch Firm G/A&A Principal haron McDade: “There i uch greater aarene of LGTQ [iue], hich come from the entire environment, ociet and culture e live in, that mot oard, it’ not a converation that the automaticall hut don, ‘No, no, no, e can’t even think aout going there. It’ a proal a converation thee da that, if the earch conultant ring it up, it’ ‘Oh, eah, e proal hould have that converation.’” We're proud to e lited a one of the top 50 Nonprofit/Higher ducation earch firm in the countr  Hunt canlon. Read More → AC Accept ight Ne Firm into it Gloal Memerhip Read More → The Aociation of xecutive earch and Leaderhip Conultant ha elcomed eight ne firm into it gloal memerhip, Greenood/Aher & Aociate eing one of them. The AC doe extenive vetting efore elcoming earch firm into it memerhip to enure onl the et of the et i among it enterprie.  For ome Tarnihed Preident, There I a econd Act Partner Jan Greenood: "The ant a candidate the can celerate, not have to explain." Read More → Read More → earching for an Aner G/A&A Form Alliance With Devine Group Partner, Jan Greenood: “ecaue demand exceed the uppl of traditional candidate, e ee earch committee rethinking hat i ‘acceptale’ and hat i et for their on intitution." Greenood/Aher & Aociate and The Devine Group, a ehavioral aement and development organization, have formed a trategic alliance to leverage and integrate the cience of predictive talent analtic into the executive earch and Read More →

  8. leaderhip development proce. Welcome, No tart lahing Read More → Partner, Jan Greenood: “One could paint a picture here ou ent out and got one of thoe [lah and urn] tpe and rought them in and created aolute havoc. ut hen ou hire omeone ho ha an excellent reputation orking ith people and orking through tough, tough iue, then that’ a different propoition.” Read More → Peripatetic Preident Partner Jan Greenood on Gordon Gee' udden deciion to return to Ohio tate: "I think thi i an anomal." Read More → ELEVATING LEADERS • ELEVATING PERFORMANCE • ELEVATING ORGANIZATIONS • TOGETHER 850-650-2277 • 42 uine Center Drive, uite 206, Miramar each, FL 32550 •  team@greenoodearch.com Office in Alaama, Florida, Marland, Minneota, Miouri, Ne York, North Carolina, Ohio, Texa, Virginia and Wahington, DC © 2017 — Greenood/Aher & Aociate, Inc. Follow

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